Week 3 complete

Well, with the satisfaction of having completed week 3 ringing in my ears I went spinning today... And I am actually finding it easier on the lungs and legs! Quite impressed with the progress over the last 3 weeks and I hope that it continues.

I have taken to actually patting myself on the back when Laura says well done! I probably look a sight walking down the street but I don't care. We are all achieving something here and a little self reward is in order I think!

Week 4 run 1 tomorrow. Lets hope the sun is shining!

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  • Keep going Helen, you are doing great!

    personally I found weeks 3-5 the hardest so keep plodding on. I love the pat on the back idea. When I finish my tough runs I finish with my arms out waving like I've come through an Olympic even first (as if). I chuckle to myself but its a great feeling.

  • Today I did a Twedders (finished with arms aloft) and a pat on the back! ??

  • Great running and superb motivation. Yes, keep on doing what you're doing - it's clearly working for you, great stuff! Good luck with week 4 :D Cheers, Linda x

  • Thanks Linda. I'm loving this website. Think I would have lost motivation in week two without it!

  • HI Helen. Glad to hear that there's someone else who actually pats themselves on the back at the end of the run - I think it helps! It 's got me through to Week 9 run 2 so far, with my graduation run tomorrow. Well done and good luck with week 4 and beyond!

  • Aha another escapee from the local looney ward! Nice to have company ??

  • Congratulations! You're just ahead of us. Me and hubbie are ding this together - we pat each other on the back! And talk back to Laura!

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