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Week 8... Foot pain

After completing week 7 on Saturday with a pretty straightforward run, today I had to stop after 15 mins due to pain in my left foot. I didn't feel any ill effects after Saturday, but my foot started to hurt after a leisurely round of golf yesterday. I'm hoping its just a case of minor overuse, and will sort itself out quickly. Had ice on it since getting home from the gym.

When I first thought about starting this plan, I kept finding excuses to avoid the gym. Now I'm almost at the end, the thought of not being able to run on Wednesday is making me miserable!

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You're almost at the end, you can do this! I wouldn't know for the foot pain, I'm not a doctor, but the first thing I thought of was about your shoes. Maybe they're worn or something like that and your foot feels that.

Keep on running!


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