Week 8 too much pain

I've got to 8 weeks reasonably issue free but the pain from the end of week 7 has completely knocked me backwards. The pain in the top of my left thigh refuses to leave and has now stalled me for nearly 2 weeks causing me to limp while walking. I have only ever used the 5 min walks as a warm up and cool down, should I have been doing more?. I've probably managed a couple of 2k jogs in the last couple of weeks but the sudden struggle is getting me down....I really wanted to park run this weekend.


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  • Where is the pain in the thigh? Front back, inner, outer?

  • Probably from my groin radiating out to the outside of my log at butt level πŸ˜‚

  • Do you stretch at all? You should be, if it's groin area it does sound like adductor muscle, there are leg strengthening excercise on here in the pinned posts, don't try and run through pain just to get to graduation or conceqencies could be dire..

    The area can be massaged and there are stretches here..


  • Thanks for that, I don't stretch I just do the 5 minute brisk walk, the pain did start both sides of the top of my inner leg but has remained for quite a while on the left side. I'll start stretching tonight as I've been masking with voltorol up to now.

  • 2 weeks of constant pain that causes you to limp when walking?

    I would have visited the doctor a week ago. You have an injury rather than an ache.

  • Well I know it's from over exerting the running so I know the answer is stretching or resting but not sure which...imagine doc will just say 'what do you expect?' πŸ˜‚. The pain I can probably pinpoint to the muscle that becomes prominent on the top inside of your leg when you sit crosslegged,sore on the right but more painful on the left. We do have a walk in nhs physio dept here I may pay a visit to.

  • I feel maybe, we don't always know.. I have just got off the IC after a calf injury.. I felt it was a strain...it wasn't..it was a tear...Go, walk in and get it checked out.. then you will know:)

  • My advice at this stage... get it checked out... :) Pain needs addressing... and you will be back on track all the sooner... :)

  • The clue is in your title "Too much pain"

    If you have too much pain, something is wrong, unless you have an extremely low pain threshold.

    I constantly ache in one muscle group or another, as a result of exercise, sufficient to make me groan loudly when sitting, standing, reaching overhead, lifting a pencil etc (much the chagrin of my GF). That's just the way things are with progressive overload. If I am in pain however, I go to get it checked out.

  • Lol every muscle has a dull ache but this is a bit more, I'll start stretching and rest up a bit. Thanks

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