Foot pain - delayed progress. Doh!!

Been getting heel pain - not when running but in the mornings. Googled it and think it's just because exercising and stretching tendons that haven't been stretched for a long time.

Am miffed cos was really enjoying running. But decided it's all about the long game. So taking a few days off from running till not so painful. And amazingly so inspired by this have been swimming, doing stretches and going to go to the gym instead!

Had Achilles' tendon issues before so it isn't the programme it's my rubbish left leg- and years of not being flexible.

Still determined to complete programme in time.


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10 Replies

  • Sounds like plantar facilities, have you googled that?

  • I have - recommends rest and light exercise. Might go and see physio. Annoyed as wanted to stick with the running but probably best to stop till it gets better. Grrrrrrrrr.

  • I’ve got it & I manage...oooops, did I say that out loud??? Yes...I have 🙄 Mines not bad at all compared to some I suppose... I just ignore mine and wear a compression sock sometimes...mines due to my kneecap being smashed & them having to shorten my muscles...hey ho, life goes on eh?!! See how you go

  • Adele, don't do 'might', just go and see either a physio or an osteopath. Google is Google, go and see a pro.

    I didn't and the things turned funny, serious and fast.

    Best of luck & keep us posted :)

  • You are so right- will hold off on running and go and see physio. Programme will still be there when it's right.

  • Sounds like plantar, I get it a bit sometimes with tight calves, I have to keep gently stretching the feet, pulling toes back, gently stretching achilles doing heel drops on stairs, walking on tiptoes every morning for 100 steps around the house, stretching calves it's all linked up, and stretching the legs in general including quads & hamstrings.. 😊

  • What stretches do you do?

  • Thanks- that's good advice. Going to do stretches (which they told me to do a year ago and I haven't) and see how it is. Feels better today so might try to run again Monday.

  • Gotta do em Adele..sitting too long doesn't help either, I found that out before I was a runner and was ill sitting about, I could hardly get out of the chair in the end! but managed to turn it all around and my pins are now bulging with energy through the running & stretching & strength excercises, well worth doing c25k!😊

  • I have plantar fasciopathy too. It's such a nuisance. I did it while running uphill on holiday then walking miles that day after I had already irritated it. I still can't walk far on it three weeks later. I am doing stretches. I too would recommend seeing a physio in case it's something else. Hopefully we will be back to running soon. In the meantime I am trying aqua aerobics.

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