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Back to running after a cold

So the week before last I managed my first 5k run, very proud!!! Then I promptly got a horrible cold :( I have not done any exercise this week and focused on getting better, but now I want to get back to running. Any tips? I still have a bit if a runny nose and a chesty cough :( should I start my running tomorrow (on the treadmill) with a 5k or build back up to it? Thank you :)

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The general guidance is if the cold is in your head you are ok to run, but if it is in your chest, you should wait until that clears. If you think you are ok to run I would not set a specific target and just go with what you feel like until you feel 100% again. You might get to 2k or 3k and feel knackered or be happy enough 5k.

No expectations means you do end up feeling disappointed with yourself as well as ill :)


Ditto - don't set a target for your first run, just see how far you can run comfortably. You may even exceed your expectations :-)


If it helps, I was off work Wed & Thurs with a bad cold. Did the Parkrun Saturday while still under the weather and only expecting to do 2 of the 3 laps. It was a struggle and I stopped for a wee walk twice in that final lap, but I plodded to the end. Surprisingly, my time was less than a minute more than normal.

What I'm trying to get round to saying is not to worry too much about your cold or having been out of running. I'm sure if you take your time, you'll be OK.


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