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W2R3 Not doing that again!!!

Well I had to run Saturday morning as I had no time on Friday evening, and it's safe to say that I won't be running in the morning again anytime soon!! I have read on other blogs that a lot of people like morning running, but it's definately not for me :'(

Although I work long days and I can't run until 7.30pm, it seems to be very easy for me. Running Saturday morning was a energy level was low and I was very uncomfortable. The run itself was good and I ran a bit further than usual, but I'm looking forward to my Monday evening run. W3 here I come....I hope it goes well, I'll keep you posted :D

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I prefer night running, but more because no one sees me in the dark :)

Well done on week 2 ... enjoy week 3 :)


I can't do morning running either. Each time I've tried I've strained a calf muscle. Any time after around 1pm is ok. My muscles have had time to wake up by then. You are not alone :-)


Even the thought of running in the early morning makes me feel queasy, just sitting here! Or maybe it's the wine. ;)


I completely sympathise with that! I run after work too, usually around 7pm. And each weekend, I still tend to wait till around that time to run, even if I'm not busy beforehand.

I think the routine helps me a bit. We're on the same week, so roll on week 3 and the best of luck to you.


You've just made my mind up for me m'dear! I was going to try a morning run as one night I'm working late this week when I'm supposed to be on a run. But I've been apprehensive as never done one before and was worried I'd not be able to do it - no energy, no zip. I've liked getting out after work as it helps with the stress.

So, having read your blog I'm going to stick with my evening runs :-)

Well done you for getting through this week's runs. Best of luck for the new one and of course let us all know how you get on.

Ali :-)


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