Doing my first park run Saturday!

....and I'm cacking it! I'm on R2W9 so I'm going to just run 30 minutes (yeah, if you say so...sloooowly!) then walk the rest of the way. I only manage 3K in 30 minutes but will try to walk fast for the remainder. Feeling sorry already for the poor 'back-runner' who will have to wait for me but hey, I'm getting out there relatively early on a Saturday morning rather than having my third cup of coffee watching TV.

My knees are feeling it now with the longer runs but again, I'm overweight and getting on. Lost another couple of pounds so hopefully they'll hold out long enough for me to continue my wonderful new hobby once I've lost another couple of stone.

I've made all of this MUCH easier up to now by running on a very flat even surface alongside a beach. It was intentional to give me confidence and get me through the first couple of months. It was much harder running in the park yesterday with all it's inclines but in the future I hope to be able to run ANYWHERE!

I still think it's a miracle and will be forever grateful for this great idea of getting anyone and everyone off that couch...


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10 Replies

  • That's the way to go - incorporating your C25K runs into Parkrun adds to the interest and motivation!! :)

  • Well done JenJan I'm sure you'll have a great time. I'm also a bit apprehensive about my 10k in Feb but I reassure myself that even if I don't get a PB or manage to run the whole thing because I set off to quick it will be a great experience and lots of fun Good Luck

  • How adventurous, and good for you..I really hope you enjoy the run. It doesn't matter at all what time you finish in and I look forward to reading your run report. Happy graduation !

  • Thats brilliant Jenjan, good on you for getting out there, I went and watched my first parkrun then got temped along, and am on no 31 tomorrow! I'm sure you'll really enjoy it, hope the weather holds out for you, look forward to reading a post about it! Good luck! Think of the lovely coffee you can have afterwards, they always taste the best! :)

  • I admire you!! Just go for it girl and let us know how it goes. I am yet to do a Parkrun but apparently everyone cheers you on so hopefully it will spur you on. Best of luck x

  • Good for you! Hope you have a great day. xx

  • Ooh brill! I had originally planned to do my graduation run at my local one on Saturday. Signed up with my partner after Christmas but he's put his back out so I just did my usual route instead. I don't expect to be able to run the whole way yet but will see how it goes when I eventually get there :)

  • You'll enjoy it I'm sure! There are all sorts of runners turn up, all ages, shapes and sizes. All out for a good time. The speed merchants will zoom off straight away, so that's them out the road. Folks are so friendly, I found at ours, telling me where to go and what to do as you don't know anything when you first get there do you. People out on the course itself will point out the way and tell you how many more times you need to go round. How they keep tabs on everyone I have no idea!

    I think because there are folks like you in the race you might just think, "oooh I think I could overtake him/her" so you try it and yep sure enough you move up. Great feeling.

    You'll do fine. Just set out to enjoy it, let the whole thing wash over you and suck it up.

    Let us know how it goes

  • Well done, JenJan. Go and have fun. You have your target and you'll be surprised how many are still out there with you at the end. People of all levels have a go at Park Run.

  • Go girl ;-) :-)

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