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W2R3 - BOOM!

I did it - W2 completed! Woooo! I woke up to a beautiful Saturday morning and decided the opportunity to finish week 2 on such a lovely day was too good to miss. Despite mistaking brightness for warmth (the wind was FREEZING) the actual run was great. No ankle or shin grumbles, just non-stop good vibes. I even got my first ever bit of pedestrian banter.. a grinning old man greeted me with 'Don't worry, there's a bus along in 10 minutes!'. I gave him a grin and carried on, he was still chuckling to himself as I turned the next corner. I don't think I looked that bad..! 

I was half way up a particularly persistent hill for the last 90 seconds when I heard Laura tell me to stop running. I do not exaggerate when I say that I repeatedly fist pumped the air.. I think the endorphins had kicked in :-) I'm well and truly hooked on this feeling now, I just hope the love affair doesn't turn sour with next week's increase. 

Just a quick query for you clever folks - this evening my shin has twinged a bit.  Is it normal to have a wee bit of muscle ache the evening after a run? I keep reading things about shin splints and now I've got the fear. I didn't have any aches or pains during the run and my partner thinks I'm probably just being a bit paranoid. Any advice (read: reassurance) welcome.. 

Have a great evening all! X

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Well done Clovers week 2 done with a lovely run! I can't comment on your aches but can reassure you that it took me weeks if not months to distinguish what was muscle development vs what's an injury.  Still having muscle development 18 months later and if ever genuinely concerned err on the side of caution and see our hard working GP's!  Rest up, don't rush now x

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Well done on completing week 2

Its quite normal to get twinges and aches in various parts of your legs as they are being asked to do something that's not normal for them (yet).

I read somewhere that it can take up to a year before your body fully adjust to running but I think it's that long because your bone density gets thicker around the joints making them stronger.

If it turns to pain though it's best to stop and rest up. Then once home use RICE, rest, ice, compression and elevation.

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Well done, I'm glad you are enjoying it.

Your muscles are bound to protest a bit when you ask them to do new stuff. That's why the rest days are important. Make sure you are stretching well after your runs.

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Thank you everyone, I really appreciate your advice! I think I'll be militant with my stretches from now on and definitely adopt the RICE advice. Whatever it takes to avoid the IC!!


Well done, I am doing my W2R3 tonight. I like running when it is cold at the moment. I too have some shin pain, but actually directly after the run it feels fine, it is only the day after when I get a bit sore, and one ankle is griping me. I am trying to run through it as I'm sure it is just normal, due to the change in activity. 

Also something which might help is concentrating on mid or forefoot striking, rather than heel. It really helps and you will find that you get less pain, and can run easier. I don't know, maybe you do that already. 


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