An hour to go before I leave for my 10k race - very nervous

I don't know why I am nervous, I know I can run 10k but it's my first proper race (bar Parkruns).

I don't really have a set time I want to finish (just want to get over the finish line) but would like to be under 1hr 15 mins which I think is easily achievable. I have printed out split times and strapped them to my Garmin more because I don't want to go off too fast easily done with other runners around.

I think I have everything, glucose tablets, headphones, tissues, Garmin, safety pins etc.

Still have a bit of a dodgy ankle but hoping it will hold out for the duration of the race and I have a nice blue ankle support to nurse it along.

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  • Hope you enjoyed the race!! Bet it felt good at the finish line, do give us a report back... if its like here the sun has finally emerged!! :)

  • If you are reading this before the race good luck! If afterwards, whatever happened, you put yourself out there and had a go, so well done.

  • Good luck!

  • Good luck and hope you enjoy it!


  • Enjoy! Looking forward to reading all about it :)

  • Good luck!! I'm sure it'll be great and report back when you've finished! :D

  • Hope you did well :-)

  • Hope all went well & you enjoyed yourself! :)

  • hope you had a good race. X

  • Have done another blog with race result see Couch to 5k+ Blogs

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