My pre-10k race run and my heart rate stats

The big 10k is on Sunday and have not done too much running this week as I didn't want to aggravate my shin or ankle. I have however just been out for a gentle 4k run round the village and I strapped my heart rate monitor on to see what it could reveal.

It was slow 4k in 28 minutes (last Parkrun I did was 30:19) but It was intended to see how my shin & ankle were and to make sure I was primed for Sunday.

I uploaded my Garmin to Endmondo (which I have just upgraded to the Pro version £10 a year to get extra stats - I just love a graph or two). It gives me a breakdown of my heart rate zones

Warm Up Zone 46 s (3%)

Fat Burning 6m 34s (23%)

Aerobic 18m 56s (65%)

Anaerobic 2m 43s (9%)

This is interesting as I think I was aiming more for the fat burning zone and looking at my time is where I would have thought I was most of the time but obviously not. I need to double check my maximum heart rate and my resting heart rate to check they are correct.

Oh the science of running!!!

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  • This is very interesting. I didn't even realise these zones existed. I feel the need for technology. I thought all I needed was mapmyrun. But I can see how this heart rate stuff could improve your running. Thanks MG for the blog.

  • Interesting stuff thanks for the post. Have get to wear mine as the garmin already blows my mind lol.

    Wishing you the very best for your run!

  • I've had my Garmin since the Summer and it's only now that I have start to dig the heart rate monitor out and try to work out how it works and why some people think it's a better way to train.

    Not sure that I've got to grips with all the Zones yet and what it all means but I will get there.

  • good luck for Sunday. have fun :)

  • Looking forward to hearing the race reports coming in!

    Perceived exertion and the talk test -

    Step forward/backward from that link for quite a bit of useful information about heart rate and working out what figures are relevant for you (ie a bit more precisely than just 220-age).

    My heart rate monitor also suggests that I'm running more into the higher bands (but I can't link mine up to do graphs and things - boo), but from the 'perceived exertion scale' I'm not so sure that I am. (I'm assuming, maybe wrongly, that 4-5 is fat-burning, 5-6/7 is aerobic and 7/8-9 is anaerobic - seems about right.) Then again, maybe I've been so tired this week because I was working at too high a heart rate for me.

    ---------------Perceived exertion scale from ------------------

    In general, for most workouts you want to be at around Level 5-6. If you're doing interval training, you want your recovery to be around a 4-5 and your intensity blasts to be at around 8-9. As you'll see below, working at a level 10 isn't recommended for most workouts. For longer, slower workouts, keep your PE at Level 5 or lower.

    Level 1: I'm watching TV and eating bon bons

    Level 2: I'm comfortable and could maintain this pace all day long

    Level 3: I'm still comfortable, but am breathing a bit harder

    Level 4: I'm sweating a little, but feel good and can carry on a conversation effortlessly

    Level 5: I'm just above comfortable, am sweating more and can still talk easily

    Level 6: I can still talk, but am slightly breathless

    Level 7: I can still talk, but I don't really want to. I'm sweating like a pig

    Level 8: I can grunt in response to your questions and can only keep this pace for a short time period

    Level 9: I am probably going to die

    Level 10: I am dead

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