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Week 5 DONE

Here it goes, never thought I would be saying this, but yes I did it. I was able to run 20 min. This is crazy...I am so excited, feel like hugging everybody I see. I have the widest smile on my face. I am so ready for week 6. Bring it on!!!!!!

It also was a great day to run, just felt like a beautiful spring day after so many weeks of snow and clouds. I actually was running in the sun, must have been a sign that I am ready :-) Happy running everybody, you can do it.

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Now there's a happy bunny! It was a lovely day today wasn't it? Onward you go! :)


Well done! am about to start week 5...I really don't believe I wll run for 20 minutes. Did you feel like that? Give me hope ;-)


To tell you the truth, I did not believe it until today. The first two runs this week really were not as bad for me, but that 20 min run did scare me. I even thought about pushing it further away today, but then the weather was so nice that I thought, come on, just give it a try, and it worked. I will not say it was easy, but I kept pushing and when I checked and saw that I only had 2 more minutes left, there was no way to stop then. I will have to say as so many before me, you need to believe in the program, it really works ;-)


I love reading W5R3 blogs, they always put me in a good mood to go out for a run. For me it was the point I knew I'd be able to complete this program. Well done. Keep up the good work. I'd love to say it gets easier but there is still plenty of hard work and great feelings to come before the end.


Hard work and great feelings is a great way to summarise the programme!

Well done in completing week 5... Great achievement :-)

Our next run is week 5, run 2 before the biggie, however, I know my wife and I can do it and your blog posts definitely help to confirm that.

Keep it going and enjoy the journey :)


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