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Never qualified but reached the goal!

About six months ago I was struck with calf injuries that prevented me from running, so I turned to rowing, which is a non-impact sport, for fitness. I continued with this and over that time lost about 1/2 a stone in weight.

Three weeks ago I decided to see how long I could run so I took to the treadmill. I managed the 30 mins with no discomfort and have since joined a beginners running club where I have done a number of 2 1/2 and 3 mile runs. Speaking with the coach he wants to move me up to 4 and 5 mile runs which for me is a great achievement in such a short time and a testament to cross training.

Would love to have done it the more traditional C25K way and graduated but circumstances dictated otherwise!!

Can I have my graduates badge plz, it would look great on my profile! Lol

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