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Made the Grade, made the Weight, Off to Oz

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Haven't blogged for three weeks while focusing on getting ready for the big trip to see my lad in Adelaide. Flying out later today and can't wait to run in the sun! So, three months after starting to lose some weight, and 12 weeks since starting the programme, what can I report?

Run 30 mins? Check

Run 5k? Check

How far in 30 mins? max so far 3.47 miles

Average speed? about 9.5 mins per mile ( how do other hobby runners manage to do 5k in 18/19 minutes?)

Best mile? 9m08s - who would have believed that of an ageing fat bloke?

Weight? YES - I made my target of 12 1/2 stone - 15kg lost!

Does it sound like I'm bragging? I hope not. I'm just so pleased at the change in my life since I clicked into C25K. Yes, there have been downs - jumping from week 7 straight into the Sport Relief 3 miler was definitely not my best decision and it took a few runs to get back on track. Starting to get fed up with You and Julie was another - tip ... go back to running to week 1 again; warm up, run straight through the podcast and, at the end, warm down. That really perked me up again!

So now I'm off to Oz. My son's partner runs each morning & I'll join her every other day - looks like there are a few nice 5k loops in Adelaide. We're going up to Sydney for a few days, so have great visions of running over the harbour bridge and round the Opera House & botanic gardens.

WAHOO! Me - a boring, fat old bloke going to do that? Who would have believed it? Not me! So, all you undergrdauates, here's the best bit. If a lazy good for nothing couch potato like me can make it, so can you. Stick with it, listen to Laura, and ignore all the doubts that little chimp on your shoulder keeps whispering in your ear. Put it in it's cage and GO FOR IT

22 Replies
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Wow what a great list of achievments. Well done Malcy :)

Have a fab trip to Oz!

shelleymcb profile image

wow, loads of achievements :)

have a great trip. they wont recognise you!

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fantastic achievements! Really inspirational. I went to Sydney in February and absolutely loved it. Everyone looks really fit and healthy there and there are of course a lot of runners. You'll love it!

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MalcyGraduate in reply to TJFlute

Hi. I only have three days there. Did you run? Any suggestions? There seems to be a 5k or so loop under the bridge, and round the gardens & Opera House looks around 6. But I'm ony looking on Sat images which ony give you a rough idea. Any advice / info gratefully received. I tried looking for a discussion grop like this over ther (if you see what I mean) bu they all seem to be terribly serious - and fast!

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MalcyGraduate in reply to Malcy

sorry about the spolling mistokes - writing on a phone keyboard isn't easy

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TJFlute in reply to Malcy

Unfortunately I couldn't run when I was out there because I had a nasty fall in the snow five days before we left and had a big gash out of my chin. I was gutted! But my friend runs there. The harbour is the most beautiful place and it is perfect for a lovely run. Enjoy!

Have an amazing trip, and congratulations on achieving so much. Be proud :)

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Wow! You deserve to be very proud of yourself. Have a fab time.

Wow! You've done really well, and your story is encouraging for a starting out runner like myself. Some days I simply don't feel motivated to go out and run - so I will bare your story in mind when it comes to that point - it's an amazing achievement. Good luck in Oz!

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Yay, so pleased for you :-) It sounds as though this has made a massive difference to your life - we shall name you our honourary chimp trainer :-) Thanks for this, its what I needed today! Have a wonderful trip - me jealous??? too right :-D

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wow, you star! have a wicked trip! x

bizzyb profile image

Great blog, well done you, have a great time in Oz

Minuette profile image

Oh wow how wonderful to be running in Oz!!! Well done on your achievement and have a great time!!! :)

cimer profile image

Fantastic! Great to read. Well done on your fantastic achievements and have a lovely time in Oz :)

Greg_M profile image

Brag away! If you can't brag about that then what can you?

Have a great trip and we expect the low down on hot weather training on your return 8-)

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Wow - fantastic stuff! NB I had the same issue with Sport Relief - I compressed weeks 6 - 9 to get to 5k before the race, then it took me 2 - 3 weeks to get back. (reasssuring to know I wasn't alone!!) Have a wonderful time in Sydney, mate! :-)

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juicydeeGraduate in reply to juicydee

PS don't forget to claim your 'graduate' badge Malcy.....

Malcy profile image
MalcyGraduate in reply to juicydee

Requested it this morning. Aren't they cool?

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MalcyGraduate in reply to juicydee

I think it was the right thing to do, but we paid the price, didn't we? Did my last UK run this morning - 8 degrees. Adelaide currently 26! I somehow think I might struggle ... will write up my progress, maybe with a pic or two just to be a total show-off (:->)

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Superb post, enjoy x

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Thank you for this lovely blog post - not boasting at all, just inspirational. And thank you very much for the tip about using the Week 1 podcast to run through - I think I liked that music best (just as well, I had to listen to it a lot) so I am looking forward to using that tip in a few weeks.

Have a fantastic trip.

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Great, really well done and enjoy your holiday and family time :-)

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