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Week 3 - Run 2... Still believing

So completed Run 2 of Week 3 today and it's fair to say my legs were not on my side, breathing is fine but physically it was difficult.

I know the progress will happen but at the moment I can't imagine myself running 5 minutes let alone 30 minutes, but the program hasn't failed me yet.

Looking forward to run 3, but not sure about week 4.

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Well done! I'm just ahead of you on week 4 with run 3 taking place tomorrow. I didn't think I could do week 4 until I did W3R3 and found it easier than the previous 2 runs, so knew I could give the runs this week a go and it has been fine so far. Take it one run at a time and you will get there!


Believe in the plan, it works! Take each run and be surprised as I was... as many will say if I can do it, you can! Good luck with your next run too...


Believe in yourself Gaz :-)


Keep going - look back at how far you've come already. The programme works! :)


I know exactly what you're saying! I ran w3R2 yesterday and I felt as though I had concrete blocks for legs. Good luck for the final W3 run and fingers crossed it feels better than the last one.

Personally the W4 runs frighten the pants off me... Metaphorically speaking :)


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