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W7R2 - Oh yessssssssss!

After a shockingly difficult R1 of W7 was pretty much dreading R2 of the week...but hey presto....it was sooo much better than the previous one. I dont think there is any logic really into knowing why some days the same run is harder than a previous on but that also happens... (W6R3 was also pretty ok) so Im just plodding on feeling pretty chuffed with myself at my acheivement and trying not to let a bad run day get me down.

All I can say to all you Bloggers is keep blogging, the motivation in reading the blogs and knowing im not alone is a huge help....Happy running :)

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Well done you! There seems to be a pattern with me in that the first run of the week is the hardest, probably a combination of having to push yourself a little bit harder and the old self doubt creeping back in, but as all that have gone before us will testify, we CAN do this!


As I have read here, no run is a bad run, it's just a challenge to make you feel better when the next one (or the one after that!) goes well! I had my worst runs in week 8 1 & 2, but run 3 was great in comparison!

You'll soon be at graduation, keep it up! :-)


So glad you had a much better one this time. Bad runs are not nice, but good ones are great! :)


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