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Yay, W7R2 done

After attempting to run W6R3 in the heat and falling short I figured I'd try the run again and if I managed it twice consider myself on W7.

I ran R1 around the park almost in the dark, set off not as fast as normal and didn't feel too bad at the end of it. Today I set off on the same route so I could see if I ran less or more. I ran the first lap of the park over a minute quicker, started feeling it alittle so I thought I had slowed up but checking my watch at the end of the second lap I had completed the two in just over 20mins compared with 22mins on R1.

By now I was struggling but pushed on and managed to run over a third of the park, much further than I ran on R1 and I think pretty much on course for 5k in 30mins if I continued

(which I could not have done !!)

Still I am pleased I've managed to do it twice, one more to go, think I'm going to head off to Ireland for the weekend, enjoy my friend's wedding, chill out when I get back and head off Sunday evening for the final run. Two more weeks to go (hopefully !!)

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Good for you! You know I reckon if we manage 25 minutes 3 times we'll manage 28 minutes no bother, all being well, if we do that 3 times we'll manage 30 minutes... which is a long way of saying that barring accidents, once we get to W7, we know we can complete the programme :-)

No more 'I'll never manage that!' And I still can't quite believe it - I've been saying that since W3, my flabber has never in my whole life been so gasted...

Have a great weekend and then get W7 beind you!


I know what you mean, I was never looking forward to W5R3 but the week I was dreading was W7. You are right, once you've completed this week you kinda know that if you can go from 20mins to 25mins then you will be able to push on to 30mins.

Hey I'm even starting to believe that I might be able to run a 10k at some point !! How are you getting on with the programme ?


W8R2 tomorrow or Sunday, depending on how my legs feel. I'm not going to rush this last part. Yesterday was fine, except a lot colder than it has been. My legs have kind of sussed out they can manage this, the breathing was different because of the cold, and my head is still trying to get round the fact that my legs can run for 28 minutes. Yesterday there were lots of slugs, lots of dogwalkers to say hi to, and a couple of new songs on my playlist so it was even a bit less boring than usual :-)


Good luck with W8R2, I know what you mean about the legs. Mine haven't felt too bad during the run, its just that I don't feel I have enough breath to get me round but I guess the longer I do these runs for the more used to it I'll be. Hope it goes well ;-)


I guess that's the theory.

Good luck finishing W7 and then W8's just three minutes longer.

Remember when 3 minutes were an incredible challenge??? Wasn't so long ago either!

Keep us posted!


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