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Week 3 .... Done! Yeeeeeehaaaaa :)

Just updating fellow C25K'ers .... Been on this programme 4 weeks now and have just finished the W3 runs. (Now retired from teaching, I've a little part-time job in a large garden centre where hours/days per week are pretty random, so I've not been able to run every other day.). My working days can easily involve walking between 8 to 12 miles a day .. So I am regarding these as a form of cross-training. Am still enjoying the plan and remain yet more determined to graduate, as I've been promised a little holiday in May, where I hope to wear slightly smaller clothes and to be able to walk all around Florence without tiring! Best wishes to all of you on the route to 5k... Keep on slogging, jogging and blogging. Linda X

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That's a lot of walking at work! Way more than I'm planning on doing for my 'rest day' walks anyway! You will be so fit by May. :)


Wow, a very large garden centre indeed! I work shifts with sporadic hours too, so it's impossible to have a set routine but you go when you can. Good luck with week 4.


Thanks for the encourgement. It is a large place, and the miles add up by to-ing and fro-ing a huge warehouse (often with trolley loads of stock) over 8 or so hours. Great fun, exhausting and probably improving my stamina too. Well done on graduating - did you take many more than 9 weeks, and are you going onwards to higher goals?


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