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To run or not to run?

Having thoroughly enjoyed running for the last couple of weeks, I have been floored by a cold (I won't say it was the 'flu!) that has left me feeling rather yuk and unable to run for 7 days.

I should have been going on to week 4, but have lost my bottle and have decided to do week 3 again.

I didn't think it would get so hung up about having to do this! Need to keep going.............!!!!

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Maybe doing one week 3 run will give you your confidence back and you'll be able to move on to week 4; if not no run is a waste! Hope you feel better, and enjoy getting back out there!


Well done getting to week 3 - I'm on week 4 and have found it no more difficult than week 3. You can do it!!


You must keep going!!

I know how you feel Caprica, its hard sometimes. But its weird how this running malarky affects you.

Dont beat yourself up for going down a notch. Ive had to myself and im not beating myself for that - rather than ive left it so long to get back out there!!

Before I had my sabattical, I was trying to complete week 4, but I found it a struggle. So now Im back ive done a run of week 3, plan to do another tomorrow and then I'll get back to week 4.

Slow but steady wins the race :-).

Dont be disheartened - run!!


Ali :-)


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