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Holiday - to run or not to run


I'm going on holiday for a week on 31st March which should be when I'm doing week 6.

Thing is, I'm not sure whether to take my kit with me and do a couple of runs while I'm away to keep my stamina up or if I should just take the week off.

Has anyone taken a week off for holiday or any other reason and then picked up where they left off after the week off?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Take your stuff. If you don't you may seriously regret it. If you chose not to run that's fine but make sure you have the option!!!

good call! Hadn't thought of it that way. I am only taking hand luggage so it's going to be a squeeze fitting my kit in with everything else, but I'll make it fit! Thanks for your suggestion!

Toonlou24Graduate in reply to mancunianpoodle

It's worth it isn't it. I just know I'd be gutted if there was some where that would be fab to run and I had no stuff!!! I bet you use it!!!!

I hope I do use it and that I keep on running and make it to week 6! It seems a long way off but I thought I'd better make a plan with the holiday. I'm going to the South of France to visit my Mum. I'll be running around a really small village and through vineyards!!

Toonlou24Graduate in reply to mancunianpoodle

That would be lovely!!! Post us a picci!!!! X


I've just done week five and started week 6 in Spain! I wore my trainers to travel in and used leggings that don't fall down for running in. Had lovely runs without the need for hat, gloves and jogging top! It was a joy. Hope you have a lovely time with or without the runs!

thanks for the inspiration! I'm going to the South of France to visit my Mum so the weather (touch wood) should be quite nice by then! It'll make a change, as you say, from running with all the winter gear on!


Go on!! You know that you want to!! :)

thanks, I think I will lol :)


One of the joys in running is to be able to do it in new places. You might regret it if you don't take your shoes!

yes, it'll be good to have a different environment to run in - somewhere warmer too (going to South of France). I'm persuaded!! I'm taking the shoes :)


Definitely take your stuff. I went away in December & didn't - really regretted it because it was lovely & sunny. Coming back to UK winter made it a real effort to get going again. I'm going away twice in the next few months 1 of which is a hand luggage only holiday & come what may I'm going to squeeze in my running gear

thanks :) I've decided I'm definitely going to take my kit. Shouldn't be too much of a problem squeezing it into my hand luggage. Someone else has suggested travelling in my runners, so I might do that.


Definately take it, could be the loveliest place to run ;-)

yes, South of France is lovely. I'll be running through a typical, small French village and past vineyards. Gorgeous :)

Definitely take your stuff. I went on holiday during weeks 2 & 3 and had access to a treadmill (too hot to run outside)!! I enjoyed the challenge of keeping going with the programme, plus I didn't feel quite so guilty about those extra holiday treats!!

That's true! If I keep up with my running it won't matter so much if I indulge in the odd pain au chocolat!!! (I'm going to South of France to visit my Mum). I won't have access to a treadmill, but it shouldn't be too hot for me to run outside. Gosh, I just hope I keep the running up :) (am on week 4 atm)


Yes definitely take your kit. I started week 1 when I was on holiday with my hubby and kids. I managed to squeeze in two runs and have never felt so estastic!

In the past (pre kids!) whenever I went travelling I just brought along running shoes and a lightweight kit so I could squeeze in runs if the opportunity came up and believe me, many times they did. South of France sounds wonderful. I'd grab the opportunity! Enjoy ur hols! (And the run!) ;-)

Thank you!

definitely take the runners! I'm already looking forward to how I can run on holiday even though it's 15 weeks away (not that I am counting haha!)

will do! 15 weeks will fly by til your hols!


Do it! Just make sure you don't get lost :D

Maybe check out a route before you get there? I'm jealous :) xx

mancunianpoodle in reply to Hidden

I think I will do it! No chance of getting lost. Am going to a tiny village which only has 3 roads in and out of it.


OOh where are you going exactly? I live in the south of France I'm going there soon, arriving on 3rd of April...Cordes - Sur - Ciel, is where I am, near to Albi...

I don't want to sound like a spoilsport, but do check the weather forecast before you go, it's usually colder there than here in April, and very wet too!

I'm going to a small village near Durban Corbieres. It's in the Aude. My Mum and Dad retired there 9 years ago. I've not been to Albi, but I've heard of it!

Yep, the weather can be unreliable in April, but doubt it'll be frosty like it was here this morning!

Curlygurly2Graduate in reply to mancunianpoodle

I know that area well, it should be warmer than where I'll be - enjoy xx


Sounds fab! You must take your stuff as, as you'd kick yourself if you found the perfect routes, and the weather was lovely, but had no gear. Mind you I'd run in me slippers if needs be! LOL


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