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Just stretched, run done!

Just got back from my second run of week 1, and it definitely went better than my first run. I think with the first run there's a mental barrier to get through as well as a physical one which is probably why I found this one easier! Not that I'm complaining :)

Ran a different route also which was nice and had a lot of greenery.

I can't wait till get back out already and I'm so glad I found the podcasts! Hopefully my attitude will stay this way as I progress... only time will tell!

Happy running!

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Its so addictive isn't it. :-) Well done and keep going and blogging.


Well done! It's odd isn't it how you now find yourself looking forward to getting out there. I would never have dreamt it just a few weeks ago.


I find myself looking forward to the next run almost as soon as I've finished the current one. The beauty of the podcasts for me is that they're structured in such a way that the next session doesn't seem out a step too far. Keep up the enthusiasm, it really helps.


:-) Go you!!! :-) I feel this program is 80% mental and 20% physical. I never dreamed I could run but I just ran 5 miles yesterday. You will do awesome! Gayle


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