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I'm baaaaaaaack!!!!!

.....on Week 4 Run 1 :D I haven't run since 4th January unfortunately. And what have I been doing with myself inb the last 50 days? Giving up smoking. Yes I am finally smoke free. But for some reason (possibly being a man ;)) I couldn't multi-task and run and quit at the same time. The outcome? Well I did it - I finally quit but have I been building up the excess timber as a result!! So this morning I finally got up teh will power to crawl out of bed and get out there.

It was comforting to hear Laura once again after all these months and I really enjoyed the interval runs, although my legs felt pretty sore by the end. I didn't know how much fitness I might have lost so it was reassuring to find the run very much within my capabilities. But I won't be skipping onto week 5. I'm sticking here and plowing through to the end and then straight onto B210k which I started and gave up. It just feels great to be back running again, especially running and not coughing my guts up at the end of it!!

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Woo-hoo! And you're just in time for the next spam attack! :-) :-(

Well done on stopping smoking, bet it makes a difference to your running. And the nice thing about being a graduate is you can be a little more flexible with your running. I'm working back too after dodgy knees, doing 2 sets of 10 minutes with a 4 min walk atm which I'll extend slowly.

And spring WILL come soon... won't it??

Keep on posting!


Thank you Mitts. It's good to be back and I hope your recovery goes well :)


Welcome back Fraz; good to see you! :) Brilliant news on the smoking too! I remember you saying before that you were working on it so really pleased you have managed to knock it on the head and can now be a really healthy runner! :D



Hi Sue, thanks for the message. I could feel the benefits this morning. My breathing never felt that easy before. My legs on the other hand..... ;)


Hi Fraz, great to hear the update from you and fab news on the smoking! I was always told to concentrate on that on its own and be kind to yourself - ie if you want to replace it with eating 10 pies and doing no exercise then go ahead :) (to a point..)

Good luck building back up the running, I hope you find it motivating to feel the difference it makes being smokefree and it spurs you on to keep it up. Well done, the hardest part is over!!!

Let us know how you get on. I started B210K in the new year, but I seem to have let that slip, I really must get back on it!


Hi Rollertoaster and thanks for the message. Good to be back and looking forward to getting back into running shape for B210k :D


Hey there Fraz, welcome back! Great to hear from you :-)


Yippeeeee! Fraz is back!!!! :-) Nice to have you back and rearing to go! Congratulations on the cigarette! I gave them up several years ago, then gained some weight. I had the habit of wanting a cigarette after a meal. After no more cigarette, I just ate more! Steve and I started a 10K program the first of the year. We are in the last week. Steve ran a 10K yesterday. I'm still slow and pokey, but I did run 5 mile/8K yesterday. Wishing you the best Fraz!!! Gayle


Welcome back Fraz. It's great to have you on board again. You will be back to b210k in no time. Happy running.


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