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Now - I'm running too fast.!!

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Since I ran 5Ks in 35 minutes last week at the end of the C25K programme , I have been hopeless. Can't seem to run for 5 minutes without wanting to give up. Today I was a Parkrun "marshal" at one of the turnaround points for my local Parkrun. I arrived a bit too early so I was standing around at the end of this long flat bridge and decided to run to one end of it, turn around and come back - while tracking myself with Runkeeper and the GPS. I thought that I was running at my "normal" "natural" pace which finally brought me to the 35 minute for 5K pace. BUT -- I was astonished to see after I had run it that I ran it at 5 minutes per klm !!! NO WONDER I can't go further than 5 minutes!!! I don't really know why I am suddenly running too fast -- I was very conservative when running each C25K week making sure that I was able to finish each week without too many problems.

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I think that's a very wise approach. The wonderful thing about C25K is that builds gradually. Once you've graduated, you can continue in the same manner if it suits you. I concentrated on running regular 5ks at a comfortable pace to begin with. It was a few weeks before I felt confident to push the pace up a notch. In fact it just happened unconsciously. It was the the same with distance. At some point either you'll decide to "try for 6" or you'll feel good enough at 4.5k to go a little further.

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The reason you are having problems is quite straightforward, you have reached your goal! Now you need another one. I ran a lot during the 80's & 90's and it was always the same. I graduated just before Easter and have struggled this past week but now have a programme to get me up to 10k in time for a race in July, suddenly, everything is feeling good again.

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Well I do have a goal already . I have started training for a 14K race in August. But this training calls for run/walk intervals up to 18Klms long (in due course) . The other 2 days of the training, I thought I would try to improve my time over 5Ks. It is this latter two days of my training week that I am having trouble with -- but now I think it is just that I am running too hard at this time, even though I have finished the 5K programme.

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Plus8Graduate in reply to Bazza1234

You are probably right. It is very easy to get carried away once you know you can do the distance. Good luck

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5km/h is very fast in my book. I know with parkrun I get get caught up with the other runners (and still don't get 5km/h), but the rest of my runs I consciously tell myself to slow down. I am also now trying to build up to 10km. Slow down and follow your programme :)

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I don't think you have a problem. Your natural pace for 5k is 7 min per k. You have been running at 5 min per k which is your pace for 1K. You may find that Usain Bolt would also suffer if he tried to run 5k at his 100 metre pace.

Running hard for a short time is suppose to be good training however and should elevate your fitness and speed for when you do run a 5k at a more control sustainable pace.

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ChrisLGraduate in reply to baronblaze

+1 for this reply. I think it is quite difficult to keep yourself to a long distance pace if you are only setting out to go to the end of the bridge and back. Even on a long run I suspect you tend to cover the 1st few hundred metres at a faster pace before settling down into your long run pace.

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Yes -- I am going to a "trial run" at a new Parkrun which is starting nearby this morning - and will use my Runkeeper to pace me at 8minutes per klm ( I want to slow down and do the full 5Ks) - then my second week of the 14 k programme continues on Tuesday with a 7 K run at a run/walk ratio of 2/1.5. This ratio has been keeping me down to 8min30 seconds per klm - which is about what I want to do for the 14 klm race and should therefore get me in at around 2hours. Just a matter now of seeing if I cna maintain that pace for 14klms -- but so far I am feeling quite comfortable with that run/walk ratio.

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