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W9R3 completed.....but worried!

I have just completed w9r3 so have a great sense of achievement given that when I started in January I could hardly run 10 yards. I am not fast.... in fact the snails overtake me but I took to heart the advice on this forum that it is moving for 30mins that counts and not speed. Today's run, including warm up and cool down was 5.51km with an average pace of 8.17 min/km.

Unlike most on this forum, I can't say that I enjoy the run. I argue with myself each time about going out trying to find excuses not to do it...the first three minutes of each run I argue again in my head to persuade me to keep going....during the run I need to keep setting targets to reach to keep going. So why have I done this?

When I started I knew I was unfit, 53 years old and overweight, in fact obese, and my brother in law who was 7 years younger and fitter had just had a heart attack....a wake up call for all the family!

Having completed the C25K today I am worried that the motivation, which was also pretty low to start with, will now disappear. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the high after the run and the following day but then it's a struggle to get out again.

Any suggestions on keeping going forward grateful received.

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Firstly, well done and congratulations. 🎈

Losing motivation after c25k is a common issue particularly for those that still find the running to be a real slog at the time of graduation. All we can do is try to convince you that the running will get easier as your fitness continues to improve.

In terms of gaining motivation, how about signing up for a race (a 5K in the summer, maybe) and look to raise a few pounds for a charity? This will give you a goal and if you follow a training plan for that race (after a few weeks of consolidating what you have achieved so far), you will also have the structure.

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Well Done for completing the programme, I hope your motivation continues over the coming weeks and if you find the answer please do share - I am currently employing avoidance tactics for my W3 "run" by looking for an Obstacle race! Oh the irony :-)


Congratulations for completing. I don't have any advice but 👍🏻👍🏻


You only argue with yourself in the first three minutes..!!! Blimey, the first ten minutes for me were very, very hard for along time...( the toxic ten) :)

Well done for Graduating..absolutely wonderful, especially if you have found it hard, motivation wise. You did it though, for all the right reasons and you finished it!

So..hmmm motivation ?

Lots of different things, if you want to run still.. all the C25K+ podcasts, which are fun, then there are intervals.. strides, walk/run etc. Are you a lone runner, or could you join a group which may encourage you.

I tried so many different things and had fun, ( really good fun) after C25K, just doing runs wherever, however, and for as far, or as slow as I liked... gradually moving onto and up to 10 K.. but slow and very steady...

Failing that... have you lost weight.. do you feel fitter.. ? Maybe carry a photo of your brother in law.. (that is so awful, when someone who is so fit and younger than us has a heart attack) just to remind you why you are trying to get fitter... I have used this method in other circumstances to remind me why I am doing something.

It may be that running isn't for you... cycling, swimming, walking... all helping us to be heart healthy and always linked with a healthy eating regime of course...:)

But, as Dunder2004 says, you could move on... a change of pace.. a new challenge...move onto Bridge to 10K, different running plans and a different forum :)

All friendly though...

Let us know what your ideas are.. it would be shame to stop now...

"The moment that you are ready to quit, is usually the moment just before the miracle happens. "

You did not give up on C25K , Graduate.. so don't give up now? :)


McFitty will have all the graduation party set up.. shame to miss it !!! x

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Congratulations on graduating! Great achievement 🙂. In terms of motivation, I agree with Dunder, signing up for a 5k race might be a good goal, or why not register and try a local Parkrun (if you haven't already). Good luck😀


Yes I'm a graduate + 5 runs and know what you mean

I have chosen to stick with Laura

Will do park run later but at present warm up and run only amounts to 4.6 km so your distance is very good

First 10 minutes of each run are filled with me thinking ive graduated so it doesn't matter if i don't finish so i think my next goal will be mastering the mental resilience

Well done for getting this far


Well done. Amazing.

You appear to have already received good advice, but I find telling people I am going to run later, tomorrow, Saturday or whenever really does help. I'm sure they wouldn't complain if I didn't, but it does motivate.


As Dunder mentioned, races are a great motivator. Other options include the forums six week quests where you commit to some sort of goal and report back to the group on progress, or having your own personal goal, like a certain distance goal for a week, month, year, or a certain number of outings to aim for. I had purchased a fitness tracker and for me that's helped to maintain motivation. It helps me to visualize all of my hard work and progress.


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