W9R3 completed yay

I feel elated I've finally done it, completed week 9 run 3 of couch to 5 k today it was over a 2 week period though as I visited Poland for 5 days in between and didn't fancy running in a foreign land. Has taken me about 13 weeks though to complete, as I completed week 3 several times can't believe I've got here, so all those about to start couch to 5k you can do it I did!!!

What's next I need to improve my running speed now I guess, I've read something about stepping stones? Any idea how I get this?


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  • Well done you. Can't help on the future after c25k as I am a couple of runs behind you.

  • Yippeeeeeee!! Well done, great feeling isn't it? Really pleased for you don't forget to get your badge :) I graduated a couple of weeks ago and since then am running 30+ mins 3 x week just enjoying it for now, building up time not speed. Different people want different things, whatever you decide I hope you enjoy :)

  • Thanks for that, what do you mean by getting a badge a bit clueless here lol

  • Haha! The 'graduate' tag next to your name on here to show you've done it....see left hand side of page for how to get it :)

  • Thanks for that, think I've done it you have to free text it in right?? Or am i being really thick!! 😳

  • Brilliant, congratulations Catz and here's to all your future running adventures.

    nhs.uk/Livewell/c25k/Pages/... should get you to the podcast you are after.

    Good luck

  • Thank you will have a look

  • Congratulations! I hope you feel really proud of yourself. Your 'badge' is the graduate rage you see next to some people's names. Just look for the pinned post to find out how to request it.

  • Congrats and well done catz.

  • Well done for persevering when you were stuck on W3. Hopefully many more running adventures await. Many congratulations on your achievement !

  • Thank you yes I can actually say I enjoy running now & enjoying the benefits 😊

  • Congratulations. 😊

  • Thank you 😊

  • Congratulations catz! You can ask for your graduation badge on this post: healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

  • Thank you for that, have left them a message, so watch this space, I will have a graduate badge soon yippee 😊

  • Well done Catz! I completed on Saturday and done my first post run yesterday. It's hard to believe I can run for 30 mins now. I posted very similar wanting to increase how fast I was going but after sound advice from the lovely people on here I seen the error of my ways and decided distance is the best way to go. After all the longer we can run for the better. I hope you enjoy your running and brilliant on completing the programme :-)

  • Are you doing the stepping stones now?

  • Hi Catz. No not doing the stepping stones. Not sure what that program is. After advice from people on here I'm slowly increasing my time, they have said no more than 10% at a time and just about managing 32 mins with 5 min each warm up and down. I hope you're getting on ok now you've got that wonderful badge :-D. Just done my second post grad run tonight and feeling it a bit ha ha. Good luck Catz.

  • Good for you, 32 mins,2nd run post grad, was meant to run tonight but had a striking headache! Can't run tomorrow as working a long day so will run on fri, you can get stepping stones on I tunes its part of c25k

  • I don't have an iphone, do you know if they do it on android? I'll take a look and see if I can find it in the meantime. Didn't know that it was part of the c25k. I hope you are feeling better now, I'm gonna do my next run on saturday as friday isn't a great day for me lol. Good luck with your post grad run :-)

  • Download it in a pod cast I did 😊

  • Whey Hey, well done

    You can download C25K stepping Stone in I tunes (if you are using an iPhone).

  • Hey thanks for that 😊

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