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Completed all of W3 indoors on the treadmill last week. Thought this week I might as well give W4 a sneaky go inside too. It was hard, and by the last half I was getting tired...but was totally in the running 'zone', whatever that means. In terms of technique, breathing and focus I become at one with the runner during the final 5 minutes haha.

So after feeling pretty proud of that, I wanted to do a few W3 runs outside just to make sure I was ready to move on.


Too cold and windy for starters. I forgot my gloves and only ended up doing a 4 minute warm up after fussing on the way out of my house. Let's just say very quickly my nostrils were burning, the wind had all sorts of cold resistance coming my way and the second half made me wish death would come before having to run the final 3 minutes. Definitely my hardest run.

Not quite a failure because I did complete it, but at the same time my cool down walk home was more like a slow shuffle.

I have moved to London this weekend which is very exciting but need to get used to my area a little before having the confidence to run around it. Hopefully by next weekend I'll be back in the swing but will probably remain at w3 for another week.

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You are right. It's *very* cold out there at the moment! - but wearing gloves does make it a lot more manageable. ;) Have you come across buffs yet? If you don't wear glasses, you can pull them over your nose and mouth, and it takes a bit of the bite out of the cold air.

Several other people on here mentioned them - there's a very funny video advertising them here:

No, I don't get commission! But they have made a real difference to me being able to go out in the cold.

Enjoy settling in to living in London - that does sound exciting. :)


Thanks greenlegs, the wind in the face issue is not a fun one! I'll take a look at the buffs as I don't wear my glasses while running. :)


I am the world's softest person as regards feeling the cold but I have done all my runnning outside in the last 9 weeks while doing the C25k and I've been fine. After the brisk 5 minute warm up I have got warm enough and then find myself too hot while running, so much so that I've done without my jacket.


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