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Silly things we do!


Well, after reading various comments on here stressing not to run when you have a cold, guess what I decided to do yesterday!!!! Yes, run, and I didn't do well at all!

I was in two minds whether to go out or not, but have been trying for the last few weeks to increase my distance within my weekend run by roughly 0.5k each week, and so far reached 7km in 54 minutes... I was hoping to progress to 7.5km in less than an hour, but after 10 minutes of straight running, could hardly breath, and felt dreadful! Did carry on, and managed to run for 5km but took me almost 45 minutes and I kept having to pause my Garmin each time I took a 'walking' break which happened to be about every 3 minutes! Not good! That will teach me to go out with a cold!!!! Advice, please, do I leave it until I'm completely cold free before running again? My next run should be Wednesday?

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I'd personally wait to be cold free, or at least feeling much, much better until going out again. Taking a week off won't set you back at all. Running when you're sick feels terrible.

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Thank you, may give Wednesday a rest and see how I feel Friday (I usually run Sunday's, Wednesday's and Friday's).

I adore my running but even I don't feel like it when I've got a cold. It takes a toll on your whole body and immune system and running when sick can put pressure on your heart so it's not advisable.

Wait until you're over the cold and then run very slowly.

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Thanks for the advice!


It depends on where the cold is - I ran last night with a sniffly nose without a problem, but anything that affects your breathing is a problem.... I discovered this the hard way a few weeks ago, probably best to take a break for a few days and then try - but be prepared to abandon if it feels like you're pushing too hard!

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Thank you!


mand3966 I'm in the same boat as you. I'm having my first ever cold break since I took up running. Last Wednesday which was my day off, I did do a sort of run. I stayed in bed till noon because I was feeling so rubbish and spent the evening in bed. But I ran in the afternoon which was just silly in retrospect! Since then I've not been running. I did lay out my stuff for parkrun on Friday night just in case there had been an overnight miracle, which there wasn't. I have this irrational fear that I'll have completely forgotten how to run when I go back to it as three days is the longest I've ever gone without a run since I started this whole running thing back in February. I do feel a bit better this morning so I'm hoping for a return-run on my day off this Wednesday...

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Thanks AnneDroid,

We do appear to be in the same boat, I started C25K around April but had to take a 6 week break as tore the cartilidge in my knee, started again, and graduated at the start of September, and haven't missed a run since then, 3 times a week without fail, so have the same fear that if I don't run (even for 3 days or so), I'll put myself back, and will be huffing and puffing after a minute! Think I'm going to give my Wednesday run a miss, and see how I am feeling on Friday, strange how we get so addicted to this running lark isn't it!


Yeah but if you felt like then that was all right. I always run if I feel like it

I was in good health yesterday but I couldn't stop my nose from running like a tap. It's just what happens when running in cold weather. If you don't feel like it then that's different. If you feel like poo you're not going to do any good.

I find though that when you have a cold that going for a run helps get rid of the gunk in your head. Take a ruddy great hanky, find a good, long hill and go. Stop regularly to have a blow. It could even be a two hanky run

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Thanks, I will check how I feel before adventuring out again! (with hanky!)

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