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Eating after running... Too much, too soon?

It's not been the best week for post-graduate runs as Easter school holidays have thrown me off routine a bit so instead of morning runs on non-work days I have so far only managed one run since Sunday's week 9 final run and by necessity it had to be a pre-dinner one on Wednesday.

The run itself went well and it was a lovely evening... But I came back, drank some water and although I was no longer feeling hungry, ate a large bowl of minestrone soup I'd made earlier, slice of bread, fruit salad - yum! But almost immediately I felt uncomfortably full. I thought the problem was eating BEFORE a run?

Have looked on Internet and it all seems to be about not eating too soon before a run, and encouraging eating quite soon after a run as it's an optimum time to do so. Usually I run a couple of hours after breakfast so only have a small snack afterwards (banana/raisins and seeds). My Sunday run was before dinner too and felt too full after eating then too. Has anyone else experienced this? Maybe just me...?

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I have found that the running makes me feel very full, which is a totally new experience for me! I usually run on empty in the morning and find that later in the day I often feel too full to eat. I even leave half of my dinner sometimes.

This is all good! :) :) :)


Not just me then! Think I prefer morning runs. I've now decided not to bother with 'dinner' after an evening run but just to eat a little of something...

All healthy food I ate on both occasions but I really felt quite ill! Guess it is a positive that it takes the edge off appetite - and exercising more stops me eating rubbish as I don't see the point of undoing the benefits of running... Just thought there might be a physiological reason for it ie in how running affects digestion...


My own take on this is that the exercise triggers your body to metabolise your food intake more efficiently. If you are insulin resistant the signals to your brain are that you need more calories, therefore you must eat more. It is a complicated area and you need to read up as much as you can about nutrition and insulin.

Whatever you do the running is going to make a world of difference to improve your well being!


Wish I had the same thing happen to me , I'm allways famished !


Think I'm hungrier on non-run days - which isn't ideal!!


I could usually go for hours without eating after a run and have to make myself bother.


I ate for the simple reason it was 'time' for dinner but I think lesson learned! Or back to morning runs...


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