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completed wk1

I have completed week one and would like to thank every one for the advice and words of encouragement. (it really does help)

It was not as bad as I thought it would be and I am tentatively looking forward to week 2.

I have found for me that eating a banana 30 minutes before i run and taking a bottle of water works for me. Mornings work well as it is easier to start in the morning than come home in the evening and have to face it.

Roll on week two.

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Well done!!! :-) bananas rule!!! :-) Welcome to week 2!!! Gayle


Well done - first steps taken!! Good luck for week 2. :-)


Well done!! You've done the hardest bit of the whole programme :-) Really glad you're enjoying it and looking forward to week 2. That's the best thing about this programme - you find yourself doing things and enjoying things you'd never have imagined.


Well done! I've also just finished W1 and looking forward to W2. Unfortunately, due to work commitments I can only run in the evening around 7pm, but at the moment it is going ok....and the evenings are getting lighter. I haven't tried a banana before but I will give it a try next week, thanks for the advice. Enjoy W2 and keep blogging :)


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