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Oh no... did it again!!

Im a week behind in my running due to illness and also I have just gone back to work after maternity so find the time is getting much harder. However, I did my second run of week 6 today and found it incredibly hard on what I thought was the first run. Well turns out I made the same mistake a second time and have run the third (and hardest) run of the week. I did not realise until the 12 minute mark and so thought I may as well keep going. what should I do now|? re-run again that run as per my routine or use it to catch up to where I should be? I shall listen to "bloglands" wise and wonderful council on this one. I must say, I have shocked myself at running 25 minutes so soon after illness, and remember, I'm not a runner :-) I am signed up for Race for the Cure in June so can't wait to improve my stamina and surprise myself.

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hi - well done!

I too, fluffed up week 6 and ended up missing run 2 out (by replaying week 5 run 3 or something stupid - so extended the 20 mins to 25 for that run) , having then run the 25 mins once I just carried on and have finally finished week 7 - (seems to have taken about a million weeks to finish week 7 that but got there eventually).

If you feel happy to carry on with full running with no walks I say do it (slow and steady of course :-) )


See how you feel - you've got a lot on with going back to work on top of just recovering from illness, so you might feel better being a bit gentler for a few runs, maybe even going back to the start of week 6 if you found 25 min hard. Or not - nobody else can really tell how you feel.

It's not a race, and weeks 7, 8 and 9 can feel like a long slog, as they are all solid runs, pushing at the limits all the time, which is fine if you've got there straight from completing week 6, but could be harder on top of an illness break and adapting to very different home/work routines.

On the other hand, you clearly are a runner, as you ran 25 minutes (and anyway, running 60 seconds makes you a runner!) - so go for it if you want to.

Doesn't matter which you do - just keep on running, one way or another, and keep on surprising yourself! :)


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