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Oh wow!! I did it!


I just did Week 1 Run 1....now that might not seem a big deal but for someone my age who hasn't run for 40+ years, it's huge.

It wasn't nearly as bad as I imagined. At the third minute run my legs felt like lead, at the fourth minute I didn't think I could go on but I gritted my teeth and saying 'I-can-do-this' on each step I got to the end of the minute. After that it got slightly easier with each run minute. And I did all eight minutes!!! I am so pleased, I thought before I started that if I could run for 4 of the minutes I'd be happy for the first try......but I did it all!!

I've decided I'll do the week 1 runs twice next week and 3 times the next until my poor old body gets the message :D

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Well done Renka. :-) We've all been where you are and you've taken the first step on a journey that will probably change your life. I was in my forties, 5-6 stone overweight, never run since school, and the first run was so hard. I couldn't imagine how I could ever get from struggling to run for 1 minute to running for 30 minutes. But I did and it really has changed my life. I've still got 3-4 stone to lose but I ran 5K today (in just under 39 minutes) and burned over 900 calories between that and a bit of walking. Good luck and remember to enjoy the journey. :-)

lorary in reply to Legion

Well done you,, I realise that my age and weight(7 stone overweight) are just excuses,

LegionGraduate in reply to lorary

They are the perfect excuses to get yourself healthier and feel fitter. ;-) You'll feed so good and be very glad you did. :-)


Great start! Good luck with your future runs.


Well done. Keep going, it is worth it. :-)

Awesome :D

U should be feeling really pleased with yourself, well done and keep up the hard work


Yey! Such a happy post! Well done, the first run takes incredible strength to get out there and do it. Congrats, keep us posted with your progress :)

Hi Renka, I feel the same too! The first 3 minutes are the hardest for me and then every 60 second run I do just becomes something that is happening to my body while my mind wanders off into the clouds and the scenery :) Its really exhilarating being able to be out in the fresh air! Keep going, the next runs get easier as your body gets used to the runs in week 1 :)

RenkaGraduate in reply to kathcooper2

That's what I found - by the fifth minute I wasn't even thinking about what I was doing. My next run will be Monday and I expect the first one or two run minutes to be hard but I will definitely keep going. I intend to keep repeating week one until I can do it easily without any effort, then move on.

If I have to repeat each week several times then I'll do that. If it takes me 9 months instead of 9 weeks to get to the 'running 5k' stage then so be it. I have nearly 50 years of 'not running' to undo so 'slow and steady' will be my mantra. :D

kathcooper2 in reply to Renka

Thats a great way to look at it! We've all heard of the tortoise and the hare! Well done you for thinking of it like this :) You sound very determined so well done :) I have never run before, so if we look at this as positively as possible, fingers crossed we really get addicted to it .. good luck for your next run!


Well I have completed W1R1 3 times now - over 2 weeks. Next week I aim to do W1 again 3 times. Every time I do it , it gets easier but I'm not moving on until I feel happy to do that. I do believe though that my old body is beginning to get the message. :D

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