Gobsmacked but I did it

When I finished week 3 I thought week 4 looked absolutely impossible but wahoo I did it. I've run for 16 mins 3 times this week. And today I apparently covered 3.22km.

I am feeling so so happy with myself. Still confused that I'm putting on weight but I'm not bothered by it as maybe I'm toning up instead

Have to say week 5 looks pretty impossible but I did say that about week 4 so who knows. Maybe I will surprise myself.

Only prob is I won't get much running in after the weekend for a week as I have an elderly relative staying with me and I will need to be around to look after her.

I'm toying with repeating week 4 if I do manage to sneak out once or twice and not starting week 5 till I can commit to all 3 runs in the same week.

Still regardless of the weight increase regardless of not liking the look of week 5 and regardless of being a nurse for the next week or so nothing is gonna wipe the grin from my face today.



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11 Replies

  • Excellent news :-) I think I would start W5 (onwards & upwards etc) even if the runs are spaced out - you could always add in another W5 run or two if you felt you needed it. Think you may just feel better if you keep moving forward having been successful with W4. Happy running :-D

  • I see week 5 is the first week where each run is different building up to a 20 min run ~gulp ~

    Just slightly worried that without the consistency I may not be able to build up to that. I'll see how I feel when the time comes.

    Meanwhile even though I have jelly legs I'm still sitting here smiling from ear to ear

  • Aah! Hadn't realised that about W5. I prefer to be surprised by Laura otherwise I may start to procrastinate! Tough decision then 😱

  • Well done😊. It's an amazing feeling isn't it? I feel the same every time I look at what comes next week - my best advice would be don't look!!! As for the weight gain, take measurements instead. I have only lost a few pounds, but have lost inches.

    Run when you can, what you can over the next week. Anything is better than nothing but I agree with RunningGeek - if you've cracked week 4, start week 5 😊

  • Well done and don't worry about week 5 you can do it x

  • How amazing do you feel right now?! You can look right back to that first 60 seconds and say "just look how far I've come!" You are doing brilliantly. If you're worried about having the time out before starting week 5, you can always do one more week 4 run to consolidate and tgen start it. See how you feel but it shouldn't be necessary to repeat the whole of week 4. For now, you just keep on grinning :-D

  • Well done. I would keep going - the programme builds you up at a pace you can manage. Just take each run nice and slowly and you will be fine!

  • Well done the plan works I've just finished week 9 its a amazing feeling I'm now running longer than I thought possible you can to, just follow the plan.

    Good luck.

  • Well done Titch121 that's fantastic news!!!

    I would keep going onto week 5 myself, this program is building you up to each new run. I certainly didn't run all three run in one week sometimes as life takes over.

    See how you feel and keep smiling (which I know you will :D )

  • Well done on how far you've come, it is tough! I'm just about to start wk7 and didn't think I'd ever be able to run for longer than the 5 mins of previous weeks, but it's amazing how you can with this app, bit by bit each week. I'm now pushing myself to keep running even through the walks and I have been running for about 2.3 miles 3 times a week.

    You can do it!

    Good luck and keep pushing


  • Well done Titch, great news, you know I follow you for all this inspiration! You go girl X

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