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Bring on W3

So, today I managed to complete W2, at the second time of asking as I got an injury on my first pass of the program but with a bit of rest a few great tips from a PT that I have completed W2. Now have W3 waiting for me on Friday and I'm not sure how I feel about the thought of running for 3 minutes, it's quite scary for me.

I have to say that W2 has gone pretty well generally and I've felt that I could stretch the run a little further than the time given but I've stuck with Laura's prompts. Hopefully that means that I'll battle through the longer run... fingers crossed for the attempt on Friday

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Hey there, well done on the runs so far.

Please remember that speed at this stage of the course doesn't matter!

By week three I was only just running faster than a brisk walk and I mean only just!!

So don't hurt yourself!........that comes later!!

Only joking!

All the best take your time and enjoy it.



Thanks Dale, it seems that hydration may have been part of the issue with the injury. My brisk walk is reasonably quick but figured I might have to slow it down for three minute runs, guess I'll find out on Friday :-S


I started wk 3.... As nervous as you.... Gasped through wks 1 & 2 early walks but conquered them in the end! Be assured... This plan is magic, and the magic has already started with you! Do not worry about the 3 minute runs - there are only 2 of them and you will warm up and take them in your stride because Laura has seen to it that you are prepared. Best of luck and may the warm spring breeze stay behind you X


Thanks LMS2110! Most of the bloggers I read are much further along than I am so it's good to find someone who is at the same point as me. I've got to win the mind game over the running. Best of luck with your journey!


Knowing that it's mostly a mind game is 3/4 of the battle! Keep it slow and steady and it's much easier to keep going for longer than you think. :)


Thanks Greenlegs! Going to try to maintain this weeks pace but will have to pay attention and see how I get on!


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