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W3 begins tonight


I completed W2 R3 on Sunday. Found it a bit hard going as got quite a lot of pain in my calf muscles on each run. I will admit however that I did not stretch before running plus had been at a wedding all day the day before where plenty of booze was consumed and no doubt I was pretty dehydrated !

I have looked at this weeks plan and hope that the three minute segments are going to be achievable and just hope there isn't going to be 3 minutes of calf pain !

I have also stupidly looked at whats to come in a couple of weeks and it seems somewhat daunting right now but I am determined to do this

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Enjoy. Slow and steady and stretches after the run.

My wine rack and beer fridge think I’ve fallen out with them! Occasional post run g&t has survived but realised the other day in the pub that it was the first pint I’d had in weeks... hadn’t missed it, but had another to celebrate!

GrandadmikeGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

This is what I need to do ! My weight loss and exercise regime was going really well until the last two weekends ! Time to refocus and get back on track.


Good luck tonight Mike. Week 2 has already prepared you for this, so take it easy and try to relax a bit. Keep going 😀🏃🏻‍♂️


Just got back. I absolutely loved it. Second 3 minute segment was easier than the first and I felt like I could have run for longer in that segment. 😀


I know ! I looked ahead too and was horrified!! But I did it and you can too. Just believe in the programme and yourself - if you go out with self doubt then it’s an uphill struggle whatever the time or distance. Make sure you have your rest day and get your hydration right. Good luck.

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