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It takes two!


Not Laura today, I let her have the day off and took my personal trainer Neil with me instead. It was a good job I did, because I grumbled all the way and pretty regularly about every 5 minutes I said that I had just GOT TO STOP. Neil just kept telling me I could do it, that I had a decent rhythm going ... that is until I got near the end and was flagging even more, at which point he then switched tack and told me how fed up I would be with myself if I had got to just 3 minutes from the end and stopped, then the same for 2 minutes and again for that final 30 seconds. MADE IT! W5R3 - that dreaded 20 minute run - completed. Roll on W6, never thought I'd ever get there.

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Well done! :) You stuck it out and persevered even though you were flagging a bit at the end. Really well done, you should feel very proud of yourself :)


Oh Yes!!!!!!! I have been watching for your post.... you only bloomin' well went and did it! !!!!!

Go you! I knew you would get there!!!!! :) :)

What a superb trainer.. he obviously has an aptitude for psychology!!!

I am so impressed by your determination...Week 6 here you come... know what is coming... don't start worrying about it.. go into that week with confidence.. and as ever, slow and steady!!!

Well done x

Hurrah!! So pleased you made it. I think because we are pushing ourselves each time, the last few minutes are often difficult. That's when I try to silence the doubts by counting backwards from 500 - and if that fails I switch my focus to reminding myself how lucky I am to be able to be out there feeling like I just can't go on any more.

So, on to W6. We've come a long way from run 60 seconds walk 90 seconds!

davidhwynnGraduate in reply to SlowSlowKwikKwikSlow

Sure have ... I even had to do a 3-week pre-C25K programme to even do that first week. Thanks for the support.


See?! We knew you could😊

PS. (does Neil do 2 fer the price of one)? 😉


Brilliant news. I was hoping to read a post like this from you today! That's great. Delighted for you. :)


Great stuff, David.

Next time you feel you have just got to stop, you will have to channel your inner-Neil.


Oh wow! I haven't been here for a while and I look back in and see this - fantastic! :-) A huge well done! What a long way you have come. You have done so well to hang in there because this really is a landmark run.

Very well done davidhwynn peservered and did the whole 20 mins..

You should be really proud of yourself..

I think you could manage Week 6 as well😆😉 take a rest day or two and give it a try ....😊xxx


Yay!!!! Well done, David! TWENTY MINUTES! I have been looking forward to you posting your success up so much!

And sorry to chuckle, but I love that you thought you'd have to stop but still had plenty of breath for grumbling?!....That is so me swearing at Laura (at quite some length) when she makes her unreasonable demands.

You are doing so well now - just think how hard those one or two or three minute runs were, and now look at you! Such an achievement!


Thank you! I wouldn't have believed it, I even had to take 3 weeks to build up to doing the very first W1R1 because I couldn't run even for a minute at a time. At my age and having never been a runner I'm SOOOOOOO grateful to be able to give this thing a go. I'm a stubborn old "B" so I'll make it in the end, maybe with more practice runs - but hey I'm doing it! (but VERY slowly .... I know, speed doesn't matter etc etc ...)

WELL DONE. I'm so, so pleased for you. And maybe just very slightly envious!

You should feel very, very proud of yourself. Looking forward to hearing about the unknown territory of W6 soon. x


Yea, understand you must feel like that. Week 6 looks strange, back to intervals for the first two sessions, but then up to 25 minutes solid at W6R3. Not sure how I'll find the breath and energy to grumble and complain and whinge for 5 minutes longer than I did last time! (mind you, I haven't got there yet, two sessions to do first)

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