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Back on the wagon!

I've just read some inspirational blogs from graduates getting back on the programme after lapsing somewhat, and as with all posts on this fab forum, It's brilliant to know that others out there are in the same situation as me :-)

I completed the programme last spring / summer, in time for the Race for Life in July (no blogging first time round, so no green badge for me yet...). Unfortunately, as soon as the race was out of the way, a combination of a very stressful house move, extremely busy autumn settling in to a new place, and awful weather conspired to stop me carrying on.

However, I picked up again in January, and am SOOO glad I did! On New Year's Day, after all the excesses of Christmas and after almost six whole months of not going out, I managed a fairly easy week 3 run, and finished with a massive smile on my face! I'd forgotten just how good it feels at the end of a run!!

Various events, weather, trips away with work etc have got in the way since, and I haven't managed the 3 a week, but I'm still going, and am determined to make it to 10K this time.

Thanks so much to everyone whose blogs have kept my inspiration up over the periods when I couldn't get out there!! And for anyone else like me who's slipped off the wagon and is worried about getting back on, just do it!! It's soooo much easier second time around!!

Thanks all :-)

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Great to hear you are back on track...well done!


Yes welcome back Stef, Ed x


Thanks for your post and your enthusiasm! I graduated at the end of last Nov and I did quite well for a while following the 5k+ podcasts but what with dark mornings, Christmas, snow, winter lurgy and holidays I had to admit a couple of weeks ago that my attempts to keep going had, well, stopped! Went out again at the beginning of this week and decided to start at the beginning but fast-track myself through the program - so hard to get the motivation going again. But thanks for reminding me that it feels so good when you're in a routine of getting out in the fresh air and getting some exercise - I WILL do it!


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