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Fallen off the wagon

I guess life just gets in the way. These past couple of weeks, our sons (3yrs and 9months) have been giving us a hard time. I'm used to getting up at 5am and heading out for my runs 3 times a week but as I said, for the past couple of weeks (or perhaps the last month), the littl'un will be up in the night for a few hours cooing and playing. It's nice and all, but when you've had 3-4 hours sleep, going out for a run before work isn't high on the list.

And if it's not the youngest keeping us awake at night, it's the eldest up at half 4 ready to start the day.

So for one reason or another, my runs have been very sporadic. I worked out yesterday (according to my runkeeper stats), in June, I ran a total of 43km, July saw me run 69km and then August has had a lowly 24km. I know it's 24km more than I would have run before I started C25K 4 months ago but it's still hard.

The runs have been very sporadic too. I'll go out for a run one morning, and then nothing for a week, then have another run, feel the pain, leave it 10 days etc etc.

But it stops here.

My first race, a 10k is in 8 weeks time. I've printed off the Bupa 10k plan and pinned it to my wall. I thought the first week would be easy so I tried it yesterday. 15min run, 2 min walk, 15 min run. I managed 13minutes of the first part, a 4minute walk and then 3 minutes of the second before skulking home.

I felt exhausted, hot and I could feel my heart going 10 to the dozen but I'm determined not to let this get the better of me.

My next run is tomorrow, another 15m x 2m x 15m and I'll stick to a less hilly area this time.

I so desperately want to get back into running, I enjoyed it, I felt good and enthusiastic about it but this last month, with the kids, with the heat, with the lack of motivation and being bored with routes on my doorstep, it's been hard.

Let's see what tomorrows run brings!

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Well, you've had plenty of potential excuses to give up but you've persevered so you should congratulate yourself for that ! Well done on keeping it ticking over ;-) Now you've got a plan and a target and we all want you to succeed - go for it ! You've already shown you have the determination.


Woo thanks for the positive words. I'm almost feeling pumped right now to go out and knock out 10k whilst I'm at it!


Well done on keeping going, as you have said, you are doing far more than you would previously have done, I have no other ties and can only take my (Ronhill running) hat off to all of you who have so many other calls on your time x


The months and years will fly by so you also need to cherish the time you have with these little uns too and before long they will be racing you on your runs! They will have a fit active Daddy and that is priceless, take it from one who knows!


yes, yes, so many yes's (how'd you plural that?) The kids are priceless which is why I'm doing this - I don't want to be the fat dad at the school gates or the unfit dad collapsing after 5 minutes of kicking a ball at the park on a Saturday.

I've got far too many balls to juggle though (full time job, part time freelancing in web design, kids, running etc.) but I've never been one to shy away from a challenge, hence signing up for these races too!


good to have you back on board!


Good to be back :)


Hurrah! Did it :)

Feel like i've started right back at the beginning of C25K but blimey, I am knackered.

Set off at half 5 this morning, proper nighttime outside - can't believe how quickly the mornings have got shorter.

Done the first 15 minutes but it was a slog. The last 3 minutes or so where horrendous, but then they were uphill also. The 2 minute walk was a godsend but then it was back into the run.

The second 15 minutes rolled round rather quickly, glancing at my iPhone whilst running, I was pleasantly surprised to see I had only 5 minutes to go. I pushed on and got to the end, I felt that elation I used to feel when completing the runs on C25K.

Walked home feeling accomplished but so so tired. This giving up on running for a week or two seems easy at the time but getting back into it is so so hard!


Oh, and I took a photo just as I left the flat this morning - it's daaark. I'll need some hi-vis gear I think.


I was shocked yesterday when I got up at 6 and had to put the light on! Been away for a couple of weeks and the change has been quite drastic!

Good to see you back out there. Good luck with the training and know it was you that inspired me to sign up for mine!!!


oh shhh!, I never inspire anyone!

However, we must do that Bromley ParkRun soon! Once my fitness gets back to its previous level, I'll pop along!


We have a new one starting in Orpington on 15 September so that's likely to be my regular haunt as my running club are heavily involved. But could meet you at Bromley one week.


Oh I know that feeling.... went out just after 8pm tonight and it was daaark. It' still August, it shouldn't be dark out there yet. Ah well, hi-viz here we come ;) And congratulations on getting back in there.


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