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Janda posts are back!? This time: the ITB injury problem


It's so long since I put finger to keyboard but I have tried to 'dip in' to some of the blogs, especially when I get the . weekly digest. As a veteran graduate I know what C25k has done for me, getting me off the couch and running for real. I am now two weeks away from my third half marathon ... and have come up against the dreaded ITB problem. I did the first 9k of what was meant to be a 16k run last Sunday only to find I couldn't go on. I'd been running alongside a man of 71 who was setting me a bit of a pace and enjoying that striding out for a while, knowing that I could chill it slightly after he went his way and I went mine. But 2k later and I knew something was not right. My knee was going and starting to hurt. So I stopped and I sipped some water, stretched out a little and tried again, only to make no more than 300m. My knee was actually giving way to the strain. The 4k to home felt like a LONG walk.

This morning I went down to the park and walked round part of my normal route with extra large numbers out and enjoying the good weather running ... and me feeling little twinges of jealousy.

But what to do with all this and Run Hackney half marathon coming up? I have been stretching, rollering and trying to rest but it is incredibly frustrating. I want to be ready for the race but know it might not happen. I know I have to be philosophical about things and just get myself better in time for the race after next and make sure I do enough to prevent this happening again.

Keep posting and keep on running!

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Hi Janda, great to see you posting again, but sorry to hear you're suffering with IT band issues. I, too, suffered with knee pain that was due to a tight IT band. I saw a sport physio who treated my leg with massage, acupuncture stimulation to the thigh muscles and the application of kinesiology tape. She also gave me stretches for my IT band. Or more accurately, the muscles the IT band is attached to, as the IT band is pretty tough and can not be stretched.

One of the stretches she showed me is very similar to the yoga pigeon pose. Pigeon pose is described here:


but as it is an intense pose, don't go straight into the pose. Here's a super wee video explaining how to get into the pose and how far to take the stretch depending on your body:


I was 'signed-off' from running for several weeks by the physio, which was very frustrating as I had no pain whatsoever when not running, but I know I needed to rest the IT band.

jandaGraduate in reply to swanscot

Thanks for that Swanscot. I'll check these out properly tomorrow. It's good to be back.


Sorry to hear your knee is causing you probs. It's so frustrating I know. I rested my painful knee for a week but then I hurt my ankle afterwards so rested again. The knee has been fine since. I have been doing yoga at home too using a DVD, and some strengthening exercises DVD's too and I think it helps

I hope you'll soon be up and running. Good luck

jandaGraduate in reply to misswobble

Thanks misswobble. The stretches could be helping helping I've found some useful DVDs thanks to swanscot adobe and others. Cheers.


I was wondering how you were getting on, it sounds like you've had some excellent successes along the way, but I'm sorry to hear you currently suffering injuries. Take care and here's to rapid healing :-)

jandaGraduate in reply to Hidden

Thanks Phil. Good to hear from you too. Yes, some good running over the last two years but it sometimes has its side effects! Trying to be sensible about it all. If I have to pull out of Run Hackney, so be it. It's all for the long term. How are you getting on? Haven't seen any blogs from you for a while. Hope all is well. James

Hidden in reply to janda

Not really blogged for a while on here now, a bit like you I look out for the odd post.

Post occasionally on the Facebook group.

Plodding at the moment after my marathon in April, just resting up a bit as had a few twinges after that, still can't believe I'm a marathoner. I think I'll probably do another next year, hopefully London if I'm lucky in the ballot.

Take care and don't over do it, rest up and get well.

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