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Only one run left to go

Hard to believe I would get to this point in the program although I was determined to complete it by this weekend, one more run to go, I'm managing actually 33 mins rather than the magic 30 mins, although this could be the last section is downhill, lol

Surprised myself when working out my mileage I'm almost at the elusive 5K now the last two runs I've clocked up 4.5 km, last week I was at 3.4k , worked out how much further the last 0.5 k is which seems completely do- able although I'm not going to push it on Saturdays run, I don't want to overdo it for next week..haha...

Looking forward to wearing my reward of some proper running clothing and running on holiday next week although a little scary the thought of going solo.

Now what next ?

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Ooooo - so close & you're clocking up a great time too - go you!! I would most definitely treat yourself to some running gear when you graduate! I graduated about 4 weeks ago & signed mysf up for a local 5k charity run straight away, as I needed something to keep motivated. Lets us know whatever you decide & good luck!!!


C25K + podcasts! Then Bridge to 10 k with Sami Murphy. Parkruns, Race for Life

Plenty there to be going on with. LOL


Thanks hun, I sogned up for the race for life a couple of months ago, it was my aim since last year to do it this year, and the running clothes are packed ready for my hols, so no excuse for not doing runs along the cliff top lol.

Good luck with your charity run and let us all know how you got on..


I've been looking at the podcasts you mentioned but I haven't been able to find a summary of what they entail without having to download them first which is a bit of a pain with my elderly laptop... I'll have a look at them now that youve mentioned them...


Well, just that one run to go and you will be home and dry. Well done on getting to this stage of the plan and good luck with your final run tomorrow. You have plenty of options for the next stage once you've graduated and we will all still be on the forum for support so you definitely won't be solo. Best wishes.


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