From one extreme to the other :-(

Just done W4R3, and oh my, it was the absolute polar opposite to W4R2! So flipping hard. I blogged the other day about how I steadily and fairly easily completed run 2, and really enjoyed it, but this time I HATED EVERY MILISECOND! I mean I was prepared for it not to be as good as run 2, but this bad?!? I could barely even finish the first 3 min run! What the heck?! My heart and lungs were going crazy, my legs were so heavy, and at the end I had stomach ache and cramp in the front of my thighs. Serious arguments were had with myself throughout this run I can tell you! Luckily my stubborn side won out, the idea of not being able to finish it after doing it twice previously was just too infuriating!

I've been thinking about the differences between the two runs. W4R2 (the good one) was done in the evening after work so I had a whole day's food inside me which I guess would have upped my energy levels, and I had also had two rest days beforehand. This terrible awful third run was done in the morning after half a banana and a glass of water, after having had a low cal meal last night, so maybe this was a real factor in my energy levels. Not sure about the aches though! Maybe morning running just ain't for me..

Maybe I will have two rest days before starting week 5, and go back to the evening run. Even if I can't complete W5R1, I want to try it as I really don't want to repeat any of week 4. I don't really see any point in doing that, as no matter how hard it was I did complete the week. So, onwards and upwards, or perhaps sideways :-)


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  • Your set up for the run, ie. morning, half a banana and a glass of water is my perfect recipe for a good run, whereas running after work and food only causes me grief. I suppose we are all different but we all encounter the run from hell at some point. Just carry on. You completed it, so I am sure that you will cope with W5 no problem. So many factors can affect how we feel on a run and if you could predict them you could avoid the bad ones, but the next good one is coming soon. Good luck with Week 5.

  • Ah, that's interesting. I think I've had ok runs in the morning before, maybe this was a one-off, but perhaps I will get to know my perfect run recipe in time. You're right about carrying on - I will. Thank you Ian :-)

  • I find the mornings easier, I'm running Week 4 run 3 tomorrow after work, will be interesting to compare! Well done for pushing on x

  • Thanks Sarah, yeah will be interested to hear how you get on! Enjoy :)

  • I often used to find the 3rd run hardest, whether it was tirednes or a psychological trick of the mind I don't know. I think we all have off days though, so don't read too much into it, enjoy the rest of the programme :-)

  • It's odd isn't it, you'd think it would be the easiest! Yes I will put it down to an off day, fingers crossed for next time :-)

  • good luck with w5 - you seem really positive and looking on the bright side of it anyway which i think is half the battle! I don't think I could face running after work, or in the morning for that matter! I do all my runs during my lunch break. Nice how different things suit different people or there would be too much running traffic!

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