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W1R0 :(

Last week i decided enough is enough and I'm going to start from monday with the 12 week healthy eating program, count calories on my fitnesspal, drink a litre of water, do a 30min walk on my lunch break at work and then tackle the couchto5k. I have to say all I've managed to do is the healthy eating and logging in mfp. I've drank nearly a litre of water a day but have done absolutely no exercise. I think I'm thinking too much about it and feel so nervous and find it daunting to start. Maybe I'm doing too much in one go ? Just the thought of going gym makes me feel uneasy. I know that sounds pathetic. Don't really have anyone to push me or to understand how I'm feeling so thought I'd go on here. As well as that by the time I get home from work at 530 and cooked and sorted kids out its nearly 730 of which I'm too drained to do anything and too hungry to do anything.

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Hi, oh you sound deflated, you've made a good start though. I hate gyms too that's why I'm doing this, and I must say when you do actually start that w1r1 you'll be hooked, why don't you just stick with c25k and drinking your water for now, get few weeks in start to feel good about it all then start your healthy eating program?.

I have 3 children i lost nearly 2 stone on the dukan diet last year but it didn't work for my ibs, it all went back on!!, I'm on week 4 of this plan and I've lost 6lb,

I guess when you see your body changing on its own from the running you don't feel like ruining it all with a big fry up dinner xx

Good luck do start you'll love it

Oh forget the lunch time walk for now make yourself a healthy pasta salad sit in the sun (that will come?) ant think of shopping for a new wardrobe ????


I was like you too - kept saying I was going to do various things and not really getting started but I am so glad I finally started C25K. It has achievable goals - one run at a time. I too have 3 children and am knackered at night as well, so I have started getting up early on a Mon, Wed & Fri when they are still in bed and run then. I feel better, my mood is better and I smile more. I find if I plan things too much, they become a mountain, so one day I just got up early, did the run, and have not looked back. It was hard but I'm now on week 3 and love it. I hope you give it a go and love it too.


It can be daunting to make lots of big changes all at once. Instead of feeling let down that you haven't done everything you planned, be proud of yourself for eating healthily & keeping track of that, and for increasing your water intake. That's a fantastic change :D

It *is* hard fitting in exercise along with work and family life. What finally worked for me was identifying three times in the week when I could actually take an hour for a walk/run and shower. Feeling that I only had those three times available meant that I did actually want to use them, rather than putting it off until 'tomorrow'.

You're doing great - you've made the decision to change, and you've started changing your habits. Take it one step at a time, one day at a time, and you'll get there. :)


thanks everyone. i dont feel like a wimp now lol i am going to start fitness from next week and will keep you all posted. thanks again! :)


I would agree with all the other comments. I have 2 kids (14 months & 4 yrs) & wouldn't have believed I could have time for the plan. I found getting up before everyone else the best solution plus you have the great feeling at end of the day knowing you've already run! :0)

I haven't lost masses of weight but only really had last stubborn half stone or so to go & really have seen body shape change just from running & trying to eat fairly sensibly. I don't feel bad having a treat now tho too - another bonus of the plan! It doesn't happen overnight but will come for you too

For me one of the best things about running is the time I get to myself to just drift away with my thoughts; no kids, husband or work...

I have never stuck with any sort of exercise plan & if I can do it so can you

Good luck



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