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Graduation but I think less fit than few weeks ago!

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Well I have done all the runs but think I am a bit less fit than in week 7 and I believe it may be because I have made these errors recently (& today):

1. I have swam less since not been training for particular races (always happens) and even I think it is getting a bit cold in the water.

2. Been a bit down (happens), eaten rubbish (& much too much) and so have put on weight. Also ran bit too soon after eating today.

3. Left too big a gaps between runs.

4. Today wore vest over normal gear (i.e sports bra & swimsuit). Two reasons, thought was colder (so what - warmer than the water lol) and will be wearing T-shirt for Race for Life on Saturday - mistake as far too hot.

Result - finished (nearly stopped by dog wanting me to throw his ball and running round my feet!) but a bit of out of breath in places and more red faced than last couple of runs.

Still thought better do the graduation photo - eek. Note finished by the pond where I am not allowed to swim:p

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Well done and congratulations for graduating!

Now to consolidate and get into the habit of running more per week now that OW season is over...

I am really pleased to hear that you graduated - despite everything! I also like that you have water in the background; sums up your journey :)

Give yourself a pat on the back and good luck on Saturday!

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Congratulations on graduating!! Really well done🙂 and I agree that 'too big gaps between runs' is not a good thing, although you can't help life getting in the way sometimes.😮 Good luck with your next goal!🙂

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Well done, I've read some of your posts before am really pleased for you. Congratulations!

Hooray 😊whoop nikkiwabit🎉🎉🎉🎉

Congratulations on completing the program and Graduating..

You deserve to. 👏👏👏👏

You have been so supportive and helpful to others its great that now you get to celebrate your own success. A badge is needed and some celebratory dance from you. Well done.😊xx

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nikkiwabitGraduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Dancing? Now that's another exercise :)

Congrats on graduating you got there despite some challenges on the way. It's still a lovely shade of graduate pink. Well done you

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nikkiwabitGraduate in reply to Jancanrun

I had started to get less pink! I am blaming the vest on top. I don't do well with heat (well what I call heat. My friend just returned from Cyprus and said it was a nice 30 degrees at coolest - sounds like hell!).

Well we've followed you all the way Nikki and now you have made it.

Many congratulations.

Apart from getting you to run for thirty minutes the other aim of C25K is to build the three times a week habit, which will hopefully be something that you want to persist with. Of course if you are doing other exercise then running three times a week is less crucial.

It would be great to have you, your sense of humour and your expertise as a continuing presence on the forum and of course we hope you will continue to run.

The world is now your running track and swimming pool...... enjoy it!

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nikkiwabitGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Oh I know (sorry Sybil Fawlty mode). I have learnt, with friends more than agreeing, that I am "all or nothing". I say I swim an average 3 times a week, at least in OW season but it can be 6 times one week and nil another. This I know is not the way to maintain fitness but the mental side just takes over. It is not just with regards to exercise either, it is everything! (Not a surprise I chose A&E as a specialty). It is something I try to fight but also have to at least partially accept.

I do plan to keep running (well the shoes cost enough lol) and when in the last up phase the plan was to start cycling when the swim season cooled off, leading to a triathlon before I am 60 - we will see.

I will keep popping in on the forum. It's a nice place :)

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IannodaTruffeMentor in reply to nikkiwabit

Yep, my investment in a cycle helmet (long overdue) does mean that I am going to have to carry on biking.

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nikkiwabitGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

I have one of those! Did stop wearing it - my cycling technique is my dad's fault. He was fairly "big in a small pond way" in cycle speedway in the 1950s/60s - no brakes (so feet reach the ground easily), no mud guards, no protective gear - kids learn to cycle by finding it is best to keep going than fall off into the pampas grass! Thank goodness he learnt to swim about the same time as me:)

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Huge congratulations :) A very different and exciting journey ? Well done you!

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Totally thrilled you've graduated! Keep on keeping on. Also hope you stick around :) Good luck for Race for Life x

Fantastic - you've graduated!!!

The things you mention as making you "less fit" than week 7 are all things you can fix, I guess. You don't have to wear your tee shirt for Race for Life. I wore a pink vest on Sunday when I did the 10k Race for Life here, as I get too hot in a tee shirt and I'm just not used to running like that (until the real winter weather comes along, when I'll have to rethink). If you have bought a Race for Life Tee shirt you could always wear it to the venue and during the warm up and associated faff, then take it off and give it to your supporter (if you've got someone going with you) for the run itself, then slip it back on at the end for your finish photo with bling!

I tried to be very good the week before my run and ate healthily and avoided all alcohol despite having some friends for the weekend, who along with Mr R, had a good old booze up on the Friday and Saturday night.

Good luck, I hope it goes well.

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nikkiwabitGraduate in reply to Razouski

Thanks can fix all but one - the mood swings, which are at least partially responsible for the others. Except the clothing lol.

I was too hot in a vest! We have had T-shirts printed and they are sponsoring us so will start in it at least.

Thank you

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KKThomasGraduate in reply to nikkiwabit

Can you cut the sleeves out of the tshirt to make it more like a vest but still leave the sponsors details? If you cut it neatly it will look like it was supposed to be that way but won't be as hot. Just a thought - but you might want to have a practice on an old tshirt first just in case. Good luck for the run x

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nikkiwabitGraduate in reply to KKThomas

Thought of that too. think the extra layer is the problem - I'll just strip off when necessary :0

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You are pretty awesome I've followed your journey ... these mad ones that do trialathlons of any degree I tip my cap too 👍🎓throws graduation cap high in the air 🎉🎉

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nikkiwabitGraduate in reply to Vixen67

not on triathlons yet!

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Vixen67Graduate in reply to nikkiwabit

Was I having a senior moment lol ... in the words of Louis Walsh .. you look like one 👍😎 must be the talk of swimming and cycle hats 🤦🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️👍

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nikkiwabitGraduate in reply to Vixen67

Its the wetsuit!

Well done!! How exciting that you finish with so many ‘progress points’ too - great to have so many easily identifiable things you can work on. All the very best with them and the weeks ahead x

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Congratulations on your graduation! I'm in the same place as you for leaving too big gaps between runs - We can kick each other's bums.

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Congratulations, great news Nikki, you did great!

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