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W1R0 :(

Last week i decided enough is enough and I'm going to start from monday with the 12 week healthy eating program, count calories on my fitnesspal, drink a litre of water, do a 30min walk on my lunch break at work and then tackle the couchto5k. I have to say all I've managed to do is the healthy eating and logging in mfp. I've drank nearly a litre of water a day but have done absolutely no exercise. I think I'm thinking too much about it and feel so nervous and find it daunting to start. Maybe I'm doing too much in one go ? Just the thought of going gym makes me feel uneasy. I know that sounds pathetic. Don't really have anyone to push me or to understand how I'm feeling so thought I'd go on here. As well as that by the time I get home from work at 530 and cooked and sorted kids out its nearly 730 of which I'm too drained to do anything and too hungry to do anything.

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Baby steps, sndkk, baby steps! Rather than tackle all of these brilliant challenges at once start with one for a week, say, drinking more water, then once that's embedded pick up another one and go with that for a while. Don't push yourself too much - these are all big asks especially when you are so busy anyway! There's no rush, C25k will still be here when you're ready for it! Best wishes! :)


Well done for doing something positive. I agree with oona. Take your time. Keep positive. You have answered your own question really. Don't do too much too soon. Keep posting. Look forward to how you progress with you goals :)


I try to think of the exercise as a treat rather than a chore. This may sound nuts but its common to get such a sense of achievement and well being that it really does feel like a treat. Maybe start with a short walk. Every little bit really does help. If you walked for five minutes from home and then turned around, you will have done ten minutes by the time you reach home and you will have started on your journey. Why not blog about your pre-couch to 5k exercise. We are all rooting for you. Good luck!


All the above! Baby steps is definitely the way to go - and maybe a bit of walking. Success breeds success, so every little thing you achieve (and if it's new for you, it isn't little anyway, it's big!) helps encourage you to try the next one.

You have started - that's the biggest step of all. :)

(I started out not believing in myself too, honest! Getting through c25k over the past two months really goes back to about a couple of years ago, when I decided I needed to get fitter, but couldn't face it. I started off with teeny bits of wii fit, so I could do it out of sight. Then started walking outside - half an hour of walking seemed much too much, so I started with 5-10 minutes, as Norni suggests. Then I realised I was enjoying it, and gradually extended it, until I could happily walk for a couple of hours, when I'd got the time. Then, just before this Christmas, I decided to up it to running. Argh! HARD! But - here I am, able to run for 50 minutes!) That might sound off-putting, as it's taken me so long - but - all the way along my fitness was improving - and if I'd trusted myself, I am quite sure I could have done it all much quicker. Whatever. I've done it, and like myself much better for it!

And as Norni says, I now see exercise as a treat. Which still seems bizarre! Very best wishes to you. Just keep moving forward! :)


thanks everyone. i dont feel like a wimp now lol i am going to start fitness from next week and will keep you all posted. thanks again! :)


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