Advice on eating and drinking before running first thing in the morning?

Hi. I've decided to (re) start the C25K program tomorrow morning. I'm planning to get up before I go to work and do the first podcast. I'd like to know, do people recommend eating anything beforehand, and if so what? I'm planning to have breakfast when I get back. I also plan to take water with me for the run, but wondered what people think is best? Is it detrimental to 'run on empty' as it were? Thanks!


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11 Replies

  • firstly well done you!!....secondly...Hello...I would suggest drinking a little before you go, no eating, take some water if it helps although I never have but we are all different. Plenty of vaseline on the lips though as they get very dry. Hard time to re-start as the heat is a killer. Keep us posted on your progress.

  • Hello! :) Thank you very much for getting back to me. Vaseline sounds a good idea, i often get dry lips as it is, never thought of that. I'll post again tomorrow (hopefully i'll find time) to let you know how i found it. I see you're a graduate - congratulations, thats brilliant! When did you graduate?

  • Have only just started running on a morning and I couldn't stomach running with any food inside, just a half pint of water and head off out. Same as when I was running on an evening, I probably hadn'teaten in the previous 6 hours.

    As Ju said, well done with restarting and sticking with it, and good luck with earning your graduate stripes too.

    Happy Running

  • I usually run first thing in the morning but have a small banana, cup of green T and glass of water before I head off out. If you find you lack stamina going out on empty try a banana or the other thing I sometimes have is a small cereal bar. Good luck.

  • Apparently running before food encourages our body to burn our fat stores so this is what I try to do, but I can only d a short run like this I do run much better in the evening not sure if its a mental thing tho, I have to really push myself in the morning don't have the anticipation or stress of the day to use as a drive. But I find it way too hot to run later in the day lately. My only advice is drink lots of water and take it with you if u need it. Hope this helps and good luck :-)

  • I find I have more energy for running if I have something like a banana or a yogurt before I go.

  • I don't eat before I run in the morning, it makes me feel sick, I do have a small drink of tea or water, but I'm only running for 30 minutes. The vaseline suggestion is really good, I'll try that too. I'd suggest you try both ways, eating a little or not eating, a couple of times and see what suits you. Well done on starting C25K hope your run went well this morning.

  • I also run on empty -- i.e. 2 glasses of water but as I run towrads my 10k target my head has begun throbbing between 5 and 10 K. Mant experienced runners have told me this is due to lack of oxygen and that I should eat before running. Like others, I cannot stomach anything and then run. My daughter's ultra-runner boyfriend told me off and told me to eat some chocolate before running. Now, that sounds like a great excuse ....

  • Hiya, congratulations on taking the first step, first thing runs are really good, make sure you are hydrated from the night before though or it will be difficult, grab a light snack before if you can stomach it or at least a small drink and see how you get on, everyone is different you have to listen to your body and see what it needs, very best of luck wished your way :-)

  • Well done starting again - good luck to you!

    I run first in the mornings but always make sure I've had a lot to drink (water) the night before. I have a small glass of water when I get up and set off before eating. I always take water with me and sip it - more to moisten my mouth rather than consuming large quantities during my run.

    You need to try both eating something light and starting on nothing and then decide what works best for you. I would say it is vital to be very well hydrated in this heat.

    Good luck!

  • Well done on starting again. I'm on my second attempt and hope to make it the final one! I go out first thing in the morning at the moment and have experimented a bit with food. I've found either a small banana or a small handful of nuts and dried fruit seems to work for me. I'd agree about making sure you were hydrated the night before and I definitely have to take water with me even if I'm only out for around 35mins in total. I've never managed to do the breathing in through the nose, so I get a very dry mouth and that is why I appreciate the water. Hope you find what works for you!

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