Well that was a disaster

Maybe I was feeling a little cocky after two excellent runs in the last week, but tonight was one of those runs where you wish you hadn't bothered.

Firstly, surprisingly cold air & severely asthmatic lungs = fail. Plus, ear phone kept falling out (I must have ridiculously small ears), trousers kept trying to fall down, I was exhausted after working a 10 hour day (spent with a group of 7 energy draining anorexic patients), I needed the loo, and lastly, I got completely and utterly lost running down dead end streets which have been built since Google maps last updated, had to keep stopping to ask dog walkers the way.

The result of all this was that I only covered a mile and a half in 28 minutes :-(


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21 Replies

  • Good God! 28 mins in those conditions, especially the "needing the loo" I could not have done. Damn those evil googley fiends.

    I do hope your next run is much better on your nerves!

    All the best


  • Thanks Dale. It was more 'off-pissing' than nerve wracking!

  • On the plus side, if your trousers are trying to fall down, does that mean you're ... you know ... getting slimmer?

  • More likely the phone and car keys in my pocket :-(

  • Hi Sian sorry to hear about your unhappy run. I find running after work very hard work as well. As you know we all have bad days/runs but if you keep plugging away things do improve. The easiest thing is to do nothing. I will blog on my run in a second x x

  • Thank you Ed, your encouragement is always appreciated xxx

  • That sounds like a horrible day and a horrible run. Well done for keeping going for 28 minutes - if I'd got lost I'm really not sure I'd have kept on running. You must be due a much nicer run next time. ((((EGS)))) - not sure whether virtual hugs work, but I'll offer some anyway.

  • I felt the hug, thank you :-)

  • I want to give you a hug too x x

  • Feel free Ed, you know where I am xxx

  • Ok i am coming, open your arms please x x

  • Arms open and I'm braced in anticipation xxx

  • Almost there, get the EG on love x x

  • Kettle boiled, EG brewing xxx

  • Ok i am there now x

  • I'm still waiting Ed xxx

  • Well done for keeping going - it's horrible when you have a run like that where everything just feels wrong from the start :( Next one will be better though, I'm sure... :)

  • Thanks Rainbow. I had no choice but to keep going. I was lost :-(

  • I had a horrible run last week even though I set out in the right frame of mind, the weather was perfect, etc. No rhythm or reason, just things started going wrong and it continued on. Good luck to you for a better run next time! Gayle

  • I think you did brilliantly for continuing in those conditions. Be proud that at least you were out there doing your best, and I hope your next run is a really good one.

    Annie x

  • Thanks Annie. I'd been having to psych myself up all day, which is not a good sign to start with!

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