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Week 7 Run 1 -

I've fallen behind on my runs unexpectedly. However it can't be helped, the change in weather seems to have set my knees feeling funny and so I've taken extra days off to make sure I don't injure. Yesterday I did my first run of week 7, back along the coast today except that almost the entire time I was fighting the wind, dodging sea spray and trying to talk with some of my family who decided to tag along on this. It was an experience! I find that as long as I keep it slow (and I'm not going uphill) I can breathe fine and all. My knees felt fine throughout the run, when I stopped the left one felt weird again but not as bad as last time. The only way to describe the sensation is the muscle trying to fold on itself just below the knee cap? After an extended walk of about 10 minutes it went away.

Also I've joined up to Chase the Sun after some encouragement from runner folk at work so will be doing that on the 31st August. I'm currently doing around 3.35k on my runs and Chase the Sun is 5k. I doubt I'll run the extra distance... So that leads me to think, should I do intervals?

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Not quite sure what your question is? Do you mean run/walk for the remainder of the 5k after 25 mins, or run/walk for the whole 5k? Or do you mean start running intervals again now instead of following on with the programme?


Well I'm not sure. After 25 mins I could walk and do intervals, or I could try and run the whole thing until I grow too tired and walk the rest or I could do lots of intervals on that race. I'm still going to follow the programme after the run its just as that run is next week wasn't quite sure what was the best way to tackle it?


Ah okay. Just got a bit confused there. I don't really know what to advise. I see exactly what you mean now, should you try and intersperse a bit of walking as you go or should you run your 3.35 and then do a bit of running and a bit of walking? I think I'd be leaning towards the second option (so long as your not tempted to go off like a rocket after faster runners) and then do a bit of jog/walk for the remainder. Whichever and however you do it, I wish you the very best of luck. Have a glorious time! :) (and be careful with your knee).


Well done, Linaka! I reckon you should see how you go on the 31st August, running with others could encourage you to run the whole distance :)

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Thanks hoochy :D


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