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What a difference 10 weeks makes!!


The day before my first run, which was about 10 weeks ago, I went swimming at my local pool. On that occasion I had aimed to do 30 lengths but stopped after 20, or more accurately 2 sets of 10 with a break inbeetween, I had to stop, I was knackered!

Now today I didn't fancy running on the pavements with 6 inches of compressed snow on them (call me a wimp if you like) so decided to go for a swim. I had decided I would aim for 40 leghts but would be happy with 30, I ended up doing 60! And I only stopped there because the pool got too busy to swim comfortably. It is a 25 meter pool so that is just a touch under 1 mile.

It is amazing how my fitness is increasing and it has become addictive! Yesterday, despite trying to pretend sledging was a workout, I did nothing and felt terrible, now on non running days I want t cross train or swim. Hello new me :-)

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Yay! How inspiring! I hope this happens for me!

Congrats on the new you! Well done.


Brilliant for you. I've noticed the difference with cycling as I can now manage hills which defeated me before.

However I've not managed to get my swimming distance back to what it was a few years agai when I went regularly. I went last week for the first time in years and only managed 20 lengths before my arms were done in! This despite doing yoga (including poses where I support my body weight on my arms) and core exercises such as plank. But I'm planning to try to go about once a week and see if I can improve.


Wow, bluepiano, that must have felt really good! :)


Well done bluepiano thats a huge improvement in a short time. Why not give your swimming a change by doing some interval training when your next in the pool, great fun, wonderful results, takes less time too and not so boring.

Warm up for about 5 minutes (just like your running)

1 length as fast as you can (sprint speed)

2 lengths to recover

1 length a bit faster

Then repeat these 4 lengths as long as you are able. You can vary it if you want and just do

1 x fast as you can + 2 x recovery and repeat etc. This really helped to build up my strength and stamina last summer and I found running up hills was not nearly as difficult.

For those trying to burn calories this is a tried and tested way to do just that. :)

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That is cool, like C 25K in a pool! Will defo try it next time, it was a bit tedious just doing 60 lengths! and I could do with making running up hills easier.



Very inspiring, I'm not doing anything apart from running so, having read your blog I now think it's probably about time I started seeing what else this body can do. I did go on a 9k walk with family the other week and noticed that I was the first up the hills and not puffing at all :)

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