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Watching athletics through new eyes!

I am currently watching the British Athletics Grand Prix from Birmingham on tv and think this is the first time since the Olympics (which is what inspired me to start running incidentally).

Anyhow, it's interesting that I am now watching it in a completely different way - as a runner!! ;) :D Am checking out their style, what they do with their arms, how their foot lands and when it is a slow-mo shot there I am checking out the different pronations on show..... Get me!!!

Looking forward now to seeing the great Mo in action and to teach me a few things ;) :p

Anyone else watching or find themselves looking at athletics through new eyes?

Have a good weekend everyone :)


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Isn't is great Sue?? :-) We live across the street from a section of walking/running track. When I see a runner go by, I rush to the window to check out their style etc. I never dreamed I would be watching the people out in the field playing sports to see how they land, and hold arms. We are athletes!!! :-) I hope you have beaten that nasty flu! Gayle


We are indeed Gayle! :) Whenever we see someone running on our street now we always shout "runner!" and rush to see them sad but so funny!!!

Flu is on its way out now thank goodness though temperature is still a bit up. Hoping to run tomorrow but will see how I am before doing anything crazy......



Me too! Interesting isn't it. Just stunning how fast they are even on the long distances :-o


Blows me away Bibs! :O We can but dream.........! :)


I started off the back of the Olympics as well - days of 10 hours watching other people exercise put me to shame. Watched Mo yesterday and had to laugh -so graceful and loose-limbed, compared to my heavy footed plodding and he did 3k in a quarter of my time. However the fact I can run that far still feels like a miracle.


I know what you mean about Mo - he makes it look soooo easy! Yes we are runners indeed, even if not quite up to his standard :)


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