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W3 D2 not clock watching

Routine is all over the place at the moment.

Went out today not bothering that it was chucking it down when I was getting ready.

Got to my start point, dogs out of car and set off suddenly realising I forgot my earbuds 😒 carried on regardless. Eased the pace a little so I had a bit more in the tank at the end and it felt great. Not spending as much time looking at my watch to see how long I have left if a run which is a good thing. Tend to think on songs now which I find is easier and more helpful, might need to start with some old progressive rock for the longer runs looking ahead.

By not clock watching I tend to notice a lot more on my route which is quite pleasant might even strap the GoPro on next time and edit out the breathing.

Hope everyone else is having good runs

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Running naked can be terrific fun.. we see such a lot :)

Well done you.. slow and steady does it as you Rock your Run :)

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I am going to assume that you mean not watch headphones etc rather than no clothes as I'm not quite ready for that as yet although one day maybe. 😂

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you are brave - naked running, I wouldn't dare at present I need my music and Mr Smooth, if I left earbuds at home, I cant imagine what might happen. I think the sky may fall in. But it's great that you are not clock watching at this stage of the programme, that seems to me that you're doing really well and comfortable. well done you


I keep my phone, car keys and gtn spray in my cheap flip belt copy. Got to say I do prefer having my earbuds. One thing that the c25k has done is refreshed my love if listening to music rather than tv, films and pc games.


me too, cant recall the last time I switched on the box


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