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Week 1 Run 2 - once I finally made it out of bed :)

I was planning to make it out on this run yesterday, but woke up with the worse migraine in a long time. Any sort of movement of my head sent pain pounding through it so I stuck to my bed for most of the day apart from one errand I had to run and then it was to the sofa!

This morning...or this afternoon actually when I woke (luckily I've had a week off work) it was still lingering although nowhere near as severe, but there is always the worry that moving again will make it worse like yesterday so I stayed in bed until tea time. The headache was gone but I still had mild vertigo...well I practically had mild vertigo every day for two years until I got onto the right medication so I put on my gear and went out the door planning to take it nice and slow and if I got light headed then I would just walk.

After feeling sorry for myself for the past 2 days I feel 100 times better since getting out for a run, even if I did have a stitch the whole time :) It's the feeling of accomplishment again, I'm over half way through week 1 now!

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Sorry to hear you've not been well. Well done for getting out there though :) and I hope the next run goes well.


Migraines are miserable. I'm glad that getting out for a run helped you feel better. :)


well done you. It's hard to run when you have a migraine lurking or you still have the 'migraine hangover' :-(

Keep up the good work! :-)


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