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5x50 Week 4 in the far north (Highlands of Scotland)


Activity reports

Day 22: An 11 km run around the local roads and up the forest track in Belladrum Estate. I ran the '100m in 1.5km' hill for the third time, but had to walk for four x 30 second periods! I don't know what was wrong as I've run the hill previously. Then to add insult to injury I got soaking wet in a downpour before I got home. I actually got cold as I was only wearing t-shirt and shorts :-(

Day 23: A short walk at the harbour at Broadford on the Isle of Skye. I had planned a longer walk for the afternoon too, but high winds and stormy seas meant the Armadale ferry was cancelled so we changed our plans. Swiss Ball class in the evening.

Day 24 Walk to join other members of Boblainy Forest Group to participate in a few hours of footpath clearing. Full body workout - sawing and hauling wee birch, gorse and spruce trees from the path.

Day 25: Tough hill run in the local forest, with 150m ascent from my doorstep to the main forest track. I had to jump over puddles as they are heaving with wee critters, including pond skaters and frog spawn. I saw a roe deer run across the track about 5m in front of me. :-)

Day 26: A slow cycle in the early evening

Day 27: Short (5km) tempo run around the village

Day 28: Balmoral 10K race. Blogged here: swanscot.wordpress.com/2013...

Body Report: Tickety-boo ;-)

Equipment Report: Chuffed to have gained a finishers race shirt from RunBalmoral.

Photographic report: More photos added to my Flickr '5x50 Challenge 2013' album:


For those who don't know what I'm talking about, see: 5x50.co.uk/

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Love the photos! Glad you're feeling fit and strong :D Footpath clearing: now that's not for the fainthearted!

swanscotGraduate in reply to TJFlute

The footpath work party was hard work; some of the trees took a fair bit of effort to saw through with the bowsaw and them to haul of the path.


Love the kilt! An I hope HM invited you into the castle for tea.

That's a great week's activity - I envy the variety you've undertaken. Well done on all counts.

swanscotGraduate in reply to Malcy

When I become tied to 'office' hours again, I'll not get so much variety. I'll also be too tired from the 25 km daily cycle commute to do much else.


That's one stunning elevation profile on the Balmoral run! Well done on a tough run. :)


Well done on your 10k at Balmoral. I heard "the hill" was a killer. My niece did it in 1 hour 1 minute - which was impressive in itself, but she'd just done the 5k in 28 minutes! Love your pics. It was a great day.

swanscotGraduate in reply to rosn123

Wow, your niece is very fit. I'm envious of her ability to run the 10K in 60 mins, but to do so after the 5K is amazing!

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